Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 10th August 2015 Written Episode

Manik asks Nandhani that is there something important or did he miss something but Nandhani says that there was nothing and asks if he is okay and Manik says that he is but Nandhani says that on the phone he said sounded a little disturbed but he refuses to tell her. After a while he says that there is a tension between the fab 5 and they want to solve it by themselves and NAndhani also agrees but MAnik feels ashamed but Nandhni says that when Manik is ready he will tell her and until then she has no issues.
Dhruv is getting his bike fixed and then receives a call from the club manager who asks if he would like to come tonight as he is now a big hit and a lot of people like him. Dhruv says that how can he perform on such short notice and the manager says that if he doesnot take the opportunity then he will never get it again and the manager also says that there is a grand opening next month and they might choose him to sing the opening song. Dhruv then asks the repair man if the bike is fixed and when he gets the answer in positive he pickes up his bag. Then the repairman sees the fab5 keychain and asks Dhruv if it belongs to him but he disagrees and so the guy takes it. Cabir stops the man and takes the keychain from him and is curious as to whom Dhruv was talking about the opportunity.
Harshad brings something for Aaliya but she tells hi that she did what he always wanted and left the fab5. Harshad says that she is right and he was jealous of them ut now that she left the group he does not feel good nd wants her to go back butshe tells him that she will not and leaves and as he leaves Mukti is standing and watches Aaliya and is confused as to what to do.
MAnik says to Nandhani that she is special then NAndhani tells MAnik to close hiseyes and to put his hand on his heart and she also places her hand on his and tells that he is also very special and she is holding a gift and when he opens it there is a bracelet and they both wear it. Nandhani then leaves saying that everything will be okay and leaves.
Nandhani goes into the practice room and finds Aryaman laying the instruments she appercates hm and when she sees that his hand is getting she asks him to stop but he does not listen and when she touches him he is burning and she asks him to let her take him to the doctor.
Dhruv is in the club with the manager who says that he was really good and also introduces him to the rest of the crew and after they meet he tells them to go practice as the performance will be in an hour and as Dhruv is about to ghe asks the water for two drinks and leaves but Cabir is also there to see what is dhruv up too.
Mukti and Harshad are in the car and Mukti asks HArshd why does he want Aaliya to be back with them in the Fab5 because he hates them too much but he says that Aaliya in this condition she needs them more than him and he cannot see Aaliya like this. Harshad on Mukti’s question says that he hates Manik and when she asks why he gets angry and asks her to drop ths and get his sister home to which she also agrees.
Nandhani is trying to take Aryaman to the doctor but he is not able to and is about to fall. Aryaman says that he did not do this to himself and then they get into an argument and Nandhani tells him that she knows that he wants to destroy her relationship with Manik. Nandhani receives a call from MAnik and asks Aryaman to stay put and she will be right back Aryaman thinks that is she tells hm that she is with him his plan will be over and so he pushes her such that her mobile goes into the tubmeanwhile MAnik again tries to call her but her phone is switched off.

Precap: Aryaman and Nandhani are in the room and Nyonika on the radio is saying to Aryaman to hug Nandhani as Manik is coming and then he lies down and says to Nandhani that he loves her but when he opens his eyes Manik is standing on his face.

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