Jamai Raja 10th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Simran telling that she had a fight with DD and was very egoistic before. She promise to keep the family united. Everyone claps for her. Nani asks Nani Maasi to stay silent and they look forward for the baby. Beeji tells that new guest will be coming in their home, and if anyone has objection can leave. Sid and Roshni exchange garlands and looks at each other happily. He fills her maang with sindoor. DD looks on happily. Sid makes her wear mangalsutra. Nani gets emotional. Pandit ji declares that the marriage is complete and asks them to take elder’s blessings.

Later everyone waits for Sid. Simran asks Roshni not to get tensed and Sid might come in sometime. Sid comes and apologizes. Bua Dadi tells that she is seeing first bride, who is not crying. Roshni tells her that she is going from one home to another, and her family and husband is good. She wants to go from here happily. DD asks Sid to keep Roshni happy and asks him not to touch her feet. Bua Dadi argues. Simran assures DD that she will keep Roshni happy, as she is their daughter and not daughter in law. She says they are waiting for grand son or grand daughter. One woman asks Roshni to take the kalash till her sasural. DD tells that Roshni can’t hold it for longer as it is heavy. Sid says he will hold it as no ritual is more to him that Roshni and his child.

Roshni is leaving from DD’s house and hugs everyone emotionally. DD gets tensed about Sid’s relatives, and says they don’t see anything beyond the rituals. Nani asks her not to worry. After reaching Khurana’s house, Roshni and Sid are welcome with the grah pravesh ritual. Simran does heir aarti and says our grah lakshmi came with all the rituals, with everyone acceptance. She asks her to step inside the house and kicks the kalash. Roshni steps inside, kicks the kalash and keeps her feet in the colored water. Simran takes them to inhouse temple. Roshni prays to God to make her good bahu, wife and mum so that she can give happiness to her family. Simran blesses her.

Sid takes her to room and makes her wear happy mommy shoulder band, and a baby’s tiara. Roshni gets touched with his gesture. He tells that he will keep her happy and never let any trouble or pain come her way. Mere Rubaru plays……….He makes her sit on bed and touches her tummy to feel their baby.

DD calls Sid and asks where is Roshni. He says she might be with his parents. Simran tells she is not here. Later DD comes to his house and wishes to take Roshni with her for Sid’s careless behavior. Roshni coughs and spits blood. DD gets shocked.

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