Swaragini 10th August 2015 Written Episode

Ragini takes everyone’s blessings after her marriage with Laksh. Dadi requests Annapurna, can they come to drop Ragini till her sasural. Annapurna permits them. Sumi sits in shock in Dida’s house. Dida comes out of her house and stops Ragini. She tells that you have ruined my grand daughter’s life and have snatched her happiness. Dadi shouts. Dida asks her to keep quiet and says I am not yet over with mty talk. She says you have broken real love for your stubborness. She says your marriage will never be successful. You can’t build your home, by ruining others. You can’t die or live peacefully. Your way will be full of stones and says your punishment will end if you accepts your mistake. Evil, Psycho Ragini acts as shocked. She stumbles on the stairs and tells Dadi that Dida cursed her so she can’t be happy. Dadi tells her that she will not get curse by a sinner woman (as if she is a good woman). She says nothing will happen to you. FB ends. Swara gets shocked hearing that and is shattered. She sits down and cries badly. Sumi consoles her.

Ragini recalls her crimes and smirks on her victory. A flashback is shown as she recalls her criminal accomplishments. She steps inside the Maheshwari house by stepping on the colored water. Durga Prasad looks on. Annapurna welcomes Ragini as she is happy with her and asks her to take God’s blessings. Ragini stands infront of inhouse temple. Dadi asks her to take elders’ blessings. Evil, ugly Ragini tries to take Durga Prasad’s blessings, but he walks off without blessing her. Everyone looks on.

Dadi asks Annapurna, why Durga Prasad is reacting this way? Annapurna says he will be alright and she will make him understand. She asks Parineeta to take Ragini inside. She tells it is good that you came with her, and she needs your support. Dadi says it is your goodness to accept our Ragini. Annapurna says she is glad to get Ragini as her bahu and is proud of her son’s decision.
Dadi tells Laksh that she needs to talk to him. Annapurna goes to Durga Prasad and tells him that you were happy when Swara was about to marry Laksh. She asks why he is upset with Ragini and Laksh’s marriage, and asks what is the matter? She says it was Laksh’s decision to marry Ragini and no one have forced him. Durga Prasad says he was happy with Laksh’s decision before, but now he has taken his decision out of anger. He says he is in confusion because of the accusations on Ragini.

Laksh tells Dadi that he has taken his decision. Dadi says if Swara comes back and apologizes, then what you will do with my Ragini. Laksh tells whatever Swara did was intentionally? She betrayed me. Dadi asks will you forget Swara and love Ragini. Laksh says he will never be able to forget Swara as he was betrayed. Dadi asks him to promise to keep her grand daughter happy and will never leave her. Laksh promises to keep her happy and says he will not hurt her for Swara’s mistake. He says he will take care of Ragini’s responsibility as she is his wife now.

Parineeta tells Ragini that this house is yours and asks her to accept all the relations. Ragini asks innocent and comes to the room. She stares Laksh’s room.

Swara comes to Laksh’s house and apologizes to everyone. Laksh refuses to forgive her. Later Swara threatens to expose Ragini. Ragini gets tensed.

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