Manmarziyan 10th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Neil and Sam drinking and reviving old times. He asks her to get her anger out and speak out the name. She says Arjun. He asks her to say it aloud. She shouts Arjun. They laugh. He asks her does she still love Arjun? Nandjni colors her nails and relaxes, while Mala gets the bedsheets. Nandini asks Mala to sleep in her room, she will sleep here. Mala says no, I will sleep here. Radhika recalls Arjun’s anger and says she wants to sleep here with her mum. Nandini says Radhika is sweet, and asks her to leave her mum and hold her husband’s hand. Mala asks Radhika to go to her room and sleep.

Nandini says you got married now, your husband needs you, don’t worry, I will take care of your mum. Mala asks her to go. Nandini asks Radhika is there any problem that she does not want to go to her room, if new bride does not want to go to her room, it will be a problem. She says she can tell them, they can help her. Radhika says no, there is no problem. Nandini asks her to go to Arjun.

Neil and Sam sit on the road. Neil asks her not to be strong, its not easy to forget Arjun, its big thing, don’t act cool, it will take some time. Sam says I don’t have time, come with me. He asks where. She says I want champagne. He asks where will you get now. He smiles. He says not that one. She takes him. Radhika comes in her room and looks for Arjun. Arjun comes from bathroom, and she turns saying she did not see anything. He recalls he entered the room similar way when she was changing and said the same line.

He asks why did she come in his room. She asks where should I go, this room is mine too. She keeps the milk glass and asks him to have it, as his sister has sent it. He says about my sister… She says I know I don’t have to say a word against her, else it will be bad, what else will you do, I know she is very good, she is Lord. He walks to her. She asks will he beat her. He says sshh.. She says she won’t sit quiet. He says lizard… She hugs him being afraid of the lizard.

He says its gone. He scares her saying its there. She jumps and says she knows its no lizard here. He looks at her and smiles. He tickles on her shoulder and she runs to hug him. Khwaishon pe likhi………..plays……………. she turns and he holds her hand. He holds her close and the door bell rings. They go out to see. They see Sam coming drunk and get shocked. Sam smiles and greets Nandini. Neil comes after Sam and says what a house, Radhika came in such a house. He is about to collide with Nandini, and says sorry. He tells Sam that wrong number, she is an aunty.

Sam says actually I came to talk to my ex fiance and my ex friend, if you can excuse us please. Nandini and Mala leave. Sam asks so Mrs Arjun Mehra, how are you? Neil I m really stupid, you would be very happy right Radhika, because she broke my marriage in two days. She says my ex fiance’s name was Arjun Mehra, your new husband’s name is Arjun Mehra, my marriage broke 2 days ago and your marriage happened 2 days before, what a coincidence Neil.

Neil asks Radhika is she fine. Radhika looks at Arjun. Neil turns to see Arjun’s face. Sam asks Neil did he come to ask her welfare, they are perfect, ask me whether I m fine, problem is in my heart, I m total idiot, mum told me in childhood not to talk to strangers, what did I do, I spoke to them, did friendship and love too, I got zero result, now I know why mum told so, thanks mum for explaining me. Radhika cries.

Sam says I m a good student, and did not forget anyone’s taught lesson, Radhika will be remembered for long time, as she has taught her a lesson, she has to pay for this. Sam taunts Radhika. She tells Arjun that he has 3 year contract with birdsong, she will wait for him, but he can come after ending the honeymoon. She shows her bangle to Radhika and says Radhika’s inlaws has sent this to her, does she think marriage is such stone marked line which can’t be erased, see how the line erases so soon. She says they will leave if Arjun and Radhika permit. Neil takes Sam. Radhika cries. Rabba tu bata……………..plays………….. Arjun looks at Radhika.

Radhika asks Arjun will his revenge end by killing Sam. Arjun asks is she mad, why will he kill Sam? Radhika says to fulfill revenge, Nandini has told this to me. Arjun gets stunned.

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