Doli Armaanon Ki 10th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Shirdi
Just then, Urmi comes inside and finds diya completely shaken and terrified. She hurriedly asks diya what happened. Diya points to those people, from the rearview, stammering and unable to speak up. urmi is tensed. The goons meanwhile get on the bike, and drive off. When he comes back, shaurya too asks whats the matter, finding diya so scared. Finally Diya speaks up. shaurya asks where are they. She tries to say that the people are there beside the Paan stall. shaurya hurriedly looks outside. He finds that they are gone. he rushes to the the paanwala, and asks if he knows about them. he is only able to vaguely guess that they have been here for the past five days, and look new in town, and maybe they are living in Khopoli. He is surprised, and then calls the police to tell them about the same, and asks them to send a team to the place so that thery can be caught. The police comply. meanwhile, urmi assures diya that their trip here has already ,ade them realise the power of the almighty, and that this is a sign that the lord’s blessings are with her, and this is a good start, right after their Shiirdi visit. diya sits tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Nupur comes out disturbed and worried, about chiku’s philandering nature, an gaurav and asha take it amusedly. she starts to crib melodramatically, as to how she doesnt have anyone in her life, that she can share her life’s happiness and sorrows with. They are amused, while asha begins to get irritated, and just to shut her up, she sweaars that she shall get vher married very soon, to a guy of her choice. nupur is happy, as she romantically dreams of chiku.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
The next day, shaurya asks the police and is angry that they still havent found. but the inspctor asks him to be patient, as they are doing their job, and shall soon catch them. just then, he finds ishaani coming down with a backpack, and is surprised, when he gets to know that she plans to spend some days in a Lonavala farmhouse with friends. he asks her not to go, and cancel. she is confused and asks why. he talksa about diya’s rapists were spotted in the locality and that it isnt safe right now for her to go, and he doesnt want to take the risk. she gets berserk that their lives and particularly his revolves around diya all the time, and that it feels like they are staying in diya’s house, rather than than the othere way around. She says that due to diya, she cant m,ove around in the house, cant move out of the house, and its suffocating, to escape which she had made this plan, but has to cancel it too due to diya. Diya sits tensed. Urmi asks ishaani to listen and stay low for only some days, but ishaani rudely asks her to shut up, as she isnt talking to her. Shaurya reprimands her for talking to urmi like this. damini thoroughly enjoys this, as ishaani against her mother and brother is exactly what she had wanted. Ishaani finally angrily says that she wont go anywhere and goes up to her room in a huff. He tensedly asks damini to make her understand that he only means well and wants her safe hence had asked her to cancel. damini resignedly agrees. shaurya then tells urmi that he is going to sit on top of the the police station, so that work gets done. urmi too tage along, asking diya to eat and then rest. she complies. After they are gone, diya gets up to go. Damini gets up and stops diya, saying that she can easily see, how her presence in the house, has only made matters and family strains worse in the house, since the day she stepped inside the house. Diya stands speechless. damini continues to say that when her culprits get caught, its her humble reuqest to her to leave her house, as she doesnt want it to go worse anymore, which shall happen if she overstays. Diya stands speechless.

Scene 4:
Location: Police Station
urmi and shaurya arrive, and are told that they have nabbed the goons, but they shall need diya for identification. When shaurya is shown the goons’ faces, he is filled with boiling rage, as the men look at him shamelessly, with no regret in their eyes, as they stand behind the bars. She remembers the two men, from the Paan Stall, and tells this to shaurya. The police asks them to get diya so that they may proceed further. They go back and get diya to the station. As she sits, shaurya composes her, that they need to be strong and do this, so that they can get ahead with the judicial procedures. She agrees. they are brought. she is asked to identify. She looks up and remembers the nightmarish incident again, completely shaken. She gets up and faces them. urmi gets up, but shaurya stops her. Diya gets up in aggression and slaps them tight, finding whatever she can to hit them, while shaurya and urmi desperately try to keep her back. She starts screaming that these are trhe people who raped her. Shaury and urmi are apalled. The police asks them to calm her down, and the constables take the goons away. urmi gives her water, while she is shaken. Outside, the reporters under an alias name, report that diya’s culprits have been caught and that the court proceedings shall finally start.

Scene 5:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Diya prays to the lord to give her strength so that she doesnt weaken, and is with urmi and shaurya, gets ahead and wins the fight for justice, so that she can set an example for the society. she profusely thanks the lord for his help. Damini says that she too wants to thank her lord. Diya stands up tensed. Damini tells diya, that by catching her culprits, the lord has done her a favour too, and is happy that she shall go now. She says that diya shall now stop ruining her family and its ties anymore. She again asks her if she shall go for sure. diya is sad and distraught as she hangs her head down low. she says that she cant suffer her anymore, as her culprits have been caught, she would have to leave the hosue. she says that if her family doesnt approve, so what, she can stay in a hotel and guest house as she shall give her whatever cash she neweds, but just asks her to get out of the house at any cost. She tells that being a modern, independant girl, she shall definitely find a way in the world, or get a good guy, as this nightmare shall become a thing of the past soon. She asks her not to make her fold hands, and understand clearly, that she cant stay here as she wont let her, and leave asap. Diya stands speechless. damini leaves disgusted. the screen freezes on diya’s apalled face.

Precap: Diya goes to Karan’s house, where he meets her outside, and she begs him to let her talk to his mother once as she shall manage to convince him. Scared that his game might be up, he aggressively asks her if she has gone mad, and tells her that she should go back where she came from. he shuts the door on her face. she is apalled and distraught as she stands lonely outside. Later, shaurya comes to meet karan, who tells him that what had to happen to diya has happened, and that there’s nothing worse that can happen in her life, hence she shouldnt be worried much about it. Shaurya, unable to control his fury against karan any longer, slaps him tight across his cheek, and then leaves. Karan stares at him in anger.

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