Sarojini 11th August 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Sarojini getting shocked to see Soumendra on road injured with blood flowing from his forehead. She worriedly calls his name. He sits and says he was acting to convince her to forgive him. She gets angry and leaves saying he will not change. He runs behind her and she slaps him. He says he wants to change by heart, but cannot now after being restricated from school. She says says she will request principal to take him back, but he has to promise he will study well. He promises her.

Dushyanth gives 1 potato each to Nirjhara, Sapna, and Daadi to eat as a dinner as their punishment. They boil it and eat. He orders food from outside for himself and sends a bit to his daughter. Daughter sees other ladies eating only potato, so she throws sweet dumplings to dog and eats porridge herself. Dushyanth sees that, but keeps silent. He then sends her breakfast via servant. She accepts plate sadly and looks other ladies sleeping hungrily.

Daadi writhes in stomachache due to hunger. She says she will die on hunger. Dushyanth comes and says he will not let her die and asks if she needs kathal kurma and malpua. She asks him to stop taunting. He says he will prepare food today and show them how to prepare it without spices. He mannerlessly like a dog orders Nirjhara to accompany him to kitchen.

Sarojini requests principal to remove Soumendra’s suspension as he is repenting. Principal agrees Sarojini thanks him and says Soumendra’s parents must be hoping high on him.

Dushyanth’s minister friend calls Soumendra and asks him how is he. He says he is fine and doing masti, asks if he should change. Minister asks him not to and says he can go back to school now. Soumendra thanks him and thinks his father’s reputation saved him this time.

Dushyanth prepares food in kitchen and taunts ladies that they should also prepare food without spices and oil like him. Daadi says she is very hungry. He says she will get food and leaves. Daadi asks Nirjhara to prepare something soon before he comes back.

Soumendra reaches school and touches principal’s feet. Principal asks what is he doing. He says he is respecting teacher and thanks him for taking him back. He then sees Sarojini outside school, thanks her and invites her for party. She asks him to study well. He says he will, but she has to attend his party tonight. She agrees.

Precap: A goon student tries to misbehave with Sarojini and is about touch her when Soumendra kicks him and he falls on floor.

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