Sadda Haq 11th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Randhir comes to room, parth gives him a parcel. Randhir opens it, its a pen. Randhir sees the text? like it? Randhir replies its just a pen? Or something special? adda says why dont you find out yourself? Good luck. Parth says randhir switch off the lights i want to sleep. Randhir says go out and sleep there. Suddenly parth is sleeping on the floor outside, Randhir says parth get up and switch off the lights, parth follows. Randhir gives him many orders and parth follows them. Randhir says can I control people? What happening? Rishap comes in, randhir orders them to fight, they start fighting.

Randhir goes to PKC and says make my attendance 100%, PKC does.
Randhir orders dean as well. He plays around with the device. He comes to Sanyu’s room and sees her working randhir puts the pen in. Adda comes to randhir and says you can control people with it not machines. He says yes ma’am. She says now return it. He returns. Randhir says how you do this ma’am? She says we have to be convinced that you are completely in our team. Youb will have to do a lot of sacrifices. Randhir says i am ready. She says okay, i will see you later.
The man calls adda and says is this right boy? What if he tells anyone? Adda says he wont tell. He is not that close to anyone to share it with anyone. the man says and sanyyu? Adda says sanyu will have to pay for it if that happens.

Tania reads sanyyu’s slambook, she says this is so boring, it looks like of some little girl. I thought it must tell about your first bf, your first kiss. Sanyu says randhir is my first and last love. Sanyu does her massage. Tania says where did you learn it from? sanyu says from maa. I miss her so much. She is always with me. Sanyu says its my birthday tomorrow. Randhir is watching them. Sanyu says maa used to scold at me but when it was my birthday, she used to make me feel special. Tania says we will have so much fun tomorrow. Sanyu says i don’t celebrate birthdays. Tania says you never celebrate your birthday? Sanyu says no and no one knows my birthday here. Tania says not even randhir? sanyu says he comes after a day or two and wishes me a belated birthday. Tania says this is so rude, he should celebrate your birthday. Sanyu says these are all temporary things? Randhir says sanyu i will make sure you remember this birthday forever.
Randhir calls tania and says i need your help. Tania says i am coming. Tania says to sanyu i am going for walk.

Randhir meets tania and tells her that he wants to celebrate sanyu’s birthday. Vid comes in and says randhir shame on you, you are here with this cheap girl. Randhir says hut up. Vid says you can’t cheat on sanyyu. Tania says are you mad? Randhir takes her in. He says we are planning for sanyyu’s birthday. He shares the plan with them.

Next morning, sanyu comes to randhir, she says why were you not picking my call? He says i was busy. she says look at me and tell me how i look? He says new clothes you look good, I am busy i will catch you later. Sanyu leaves.
Sanyu says to tania he didn’t get it? Tania says did you mind it? Sanyu says yes. Tania says dont be sad on birthday. Sanyu goes sad to the class.
Randhir tells everyone i want to arrange a surprise party for my friends. Everythin should be pink, because she likes it. Randhir gives everyone money. Vid says so are you ready? he says yes.

Precap-Everyone surprises sanyu, randhir comes and wishes her too.

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