Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 11th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Shreya says did ajay rent that house or sanjana? The man says there was some guy ajay shrewastav, he used to come with sanjana, agreement is made on their name as well.
Dadi comes to sanjana, sanjana says you here? She says cant i come here? Sanjana says no you could ask me to come. Dadi says do you know how to do online shopping? Tell me how to do this? Sanjana teaches her how to buy money online, dadi says wow this is fun. Thank you so much. Dadi gives sanjana bangles and says i give to all my dauhter in laws, just promise me you will keep my ajay happy? Sanjana hugs her.
Sanjana calls her sister but its off, she texts her i love ajay i want to tell ajju but how?

The man says he told me that he wanted to marry that girl but then after sometime your ajay came here with that girl. Sanjana says thank you, can i keep this agreement’s copy? He says yes sure.

Sanjana asks ajay how was interview? He says it was good. Sanjana says is the job like what you always wanted to do?
Ajay says i will like whatever job i have? Sanjana shows him the Cd and says what is this ajay? He says throw it away, it doesn’t mean anything. Sanjana says its such an amazing idea to take your business online. Ajay says after so much they are trusting me, she says you are capable. He takes the Cd from her and throws it in the bin. Sanjana takes out a files and looks at the print of his presentation. She says Mr. Ajay you can throw your dream away but I can’t. Angori comes in and says mama ji is going paat right now. the lecture starts. In the end, Sanjana gives the file to kirlok she says its ajay’s dream. He prepared it with all the love and effort. Ajay says i asked you not to do this. She says ajay did whatever he learned in this family. Ajay says there is nothing in it, give it back to me. Amar says what is it mama ji? kirlok says a business plan. He shows it to amr. Bhushan says whats the point of taking risk? Amar says no the business is going well. Bhushan says yes we should stick to our original plan. Kirlok says ajay tell me one thing? Is this your plan? Ajay says yes. Kirlok says if you get a chance to execute this plan will you be able to do this? Ajay says yes i can do this. Bhushan says papa you are doing a mistake, we will all have to suffer the loss. And you know what kinda decisions he takes. Kirlok says will you do this ajay? he says yes i can do this.

Shreya looks at the files, She takes out some papers from it. She finds out marriage certificate. She looks at the name closely, shrewastav was removed and perthywala was written in its place. She says i have it now.
Sanjana’s sister calls her. Shreya picks it, her sister says for ajayv you are just ajju’s responsibility. Your wedding is a contract that will end it 6 months. Is this right? Shreya hangs up and says you lost sanjana.
Kirlok says the way ajay married was wrong, but the girl he married has no shortcomings. sanjana is a good wife, she considered us her family. she did everything for us. Ajay has changed after wedding. Well done sanjana. You are great wife and daughter in law this is why I forgive you. He and everyone binds thread on tulsi. only bhushan is left.

Precap-Shreya says bhushan sanjana and ajju were in love, but he was 6 months younger, Ajay married her for six months contract. Kirlok falls on the floor.

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