Sasuraal Simar Ka 11th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sujata says ask her to make non-veg food on back of the house. Someone pats on simar’s back. She is dazed to see, its amar. Amar holds her hand and takes her to a side. Simar says amar i am simar. Amar says please forgive me simar, i and everyone knows that you are simar. Simar says i knew it. He says i will tell you all that happened. Meet me at 12 here and don’t try to contact anyone. you don’t know what happened behind you here. Simar says just tell me mata ji? Amar says she is alive. Go back side you will find answers there.

Late at night, simar sees her and follows her. Simar says pleas help me God. Mohini sees a drunk man and stops there.
Its 12 at night, amar says simar must be awaiting. Lights turn on, sunanda asks where are you going at this time? Amar says not your problem. She says i am worried if you are plotting something against us. Amar says you have not left me for that.
Amar says can’t i even go out and walk? She says no no you have the liberty. Simar is standing behind the pillar. Amar sees mohini in the street too. Mohini says why did you come out? amar says nothing. Mohini looks at the pillar. Simar wonders what is she going to do? She places a red threaded nail in the pillar. Simar says she is doing something new.

Sunanda asks who is she? Amar says she makes the non veg food, we hired her. Sunanda says why is her face hidden? The other woman says my daughter in law wont work here if you behave this way. Sunanda says stop, she made the food yesterday? It was good. Stay here. I will eat omellete and minced meat in the breakfast. bring it in my room. She leaves. Amar makes well done sign at her, its simar. The other woman says when they get to know truth i will be in trouble too. Amar says just dont come in this neighbourhood. He thanks the the lady.

A man rings the doorbell. Sunanda opens the door. Amar says the man said he will deliver the food in 20 minites, he sees the man on the gate, amar takes him aside. Sunanda says who is it? Sunanda says i guess it must be kids. Amar gives money to the man.
Simar is in the kitchen, amar comes in with the food. He says here is all that she ordered. he serves it in a plate and says i ordered it from home made food delivery. He says i know you can’t see all this this is really difficult for you but we dont have another option. take it to her room. Simar takes the food to her room.
mohini says i have to wait for the dark night, that night i will execute my plan. Simar overhears it. Mohini sees her in the mirror, she says who are you? She is about to take the cloth off her face. simar says no.

Precap-Mohini says give me water, simar sees two pots in her room. She says what is this?

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