Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 11th August 2015 Written Episode

Aryaman tells Nandhani to not try to get it to work and first take out the battery and dry it after that it will work after that Aryaman starts to cough severely so Nandhani takes him to the medical wing. The doctor there after inspecting his hand his hand asks Aryaman that does he have a friend who will stay with him to watch and to give him medicines but he says that he will take care of himself . Nandhani says that she will and so the doctor tells him about how to give the medicines and so NAndhani goes to get some water and as she leaves the doctor tells Aryaman that he was told by Nyonika to tell him to have his plan ready. Aryaman gets angry and calls Nyonika to tell her to not interfere in his plans nd suddenly Nandhani comes who after seeing him on the phone says that if his phone is working then why did he not let her call Manik.
Dhruv is practicing with his crew and he suddenly says someone else Manik and after that he apologizes to the person and then they go out and tell Dhruv to relax. After they leave Dhruv thinks that he said Manik out of habit otherwise he is no longer the part of fab5 anymore. The manager comes and gives Dhruv clothes and glasses to wear when he comes to perform he also asks Dhruv if he is ready. Dhruv enters the stage with a bang and gets a warm welcome from the crowd. Cabir is also standing in the corner listening to him. Dhruv goes into the back and starts to drink on this one of the member mocks him and he almost gets into a fight but calms down. They start to play and Dhruv gets off on a higher node and then the drummer asks him to lower the beat but he refuses and so they argue after which he tells the other guy that he is the lead and so they must follow him.
Manik is playing the guitar and he sees the friendship board and again picks it up and places it on the stand and seeing the pictures says to Aaliya and Dhruv to give him a chance and not be so angry with him. He also starts to cry and says that he will make everything better and leaves.
Nandhani says that the doctor said to wait one hour but it has been longer and Manik would be worried. Aryaman tells her to go and that there is nothing to worry because he will be okay but Nandhani says that she waited this long so she will wait a little more.
Nyonika is sitting in her office and thinks that his plan is working.
Aryaman thanks Nandhani that no one beside soha and his mother took this much care of him and then he shows picture of Soha to her and says that why would anyone try to kill her. Nandhani seeing this goes out.
Dhruv jumps from the stage and is still playing with a loud node but the other donot agree with him and try to gt into a fight which the crowd also wants. The manager tries to stop them but Harshad stops him saying if they fight the matter will end here and they will not have to go to Dubai.
Cabir orders a dozen a lemon juice and when the others try to beat Dhruv Cabir stops them and says that he will play this song and hundred and fifty node and if he is able to then he will say sorry to the star.
Manik is searching for Nandhani and sees a peon in pain when he goes to ask him he says that his hand got stuck in the door.
Nandhani comes back and see Aryaman coughing she asks if e is okay and whether she should call the doctor but Aryaman refuses and says that he is okay. Nandhai then gives him a glass of water and asks him to lie down but he says that she is nice. Aryaman says that had a girlfriend beforehe came to india wh was just like Manik selfish and dominant.then he says that he likes her and lies down and is about to say I love you you Nandhani but he falls into MAnik hands and Manik gets angry. He throws Aryaman on the bed and does not listen to anyone and says to Aryaman that he will pay the price.

Precap:Manik says to Aryaman thathe cannot take him t his house but Aryaman says to him to do what he has to and then Manik without listening to anyone ties him around chair.

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