Kumkum Bhagya 11th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi telling about Pragya’s sacrifice. She says she can’t stay without Pragya, but agreed because of her decision. She says I don’t have any relation with Pragya now, but I love her so much that I accept her decisions, and I salute her thinking. She says I might hate my grand son, but I will always love Pragya and will bend my forehead infront of her. Abhi tells Sarla that he respects Pragya a lot, and asks for forgiveness saying he didn’t do the mistake intentionally. He says he couldn’t fulfill the relation of a husband, but he will be a good friend of her. He says he will never leave Pragya being her friend. Pragya asks Sarla to agree. Tanu is irked. Sarla folds her hands. Dadi says whatever you said is right and apologizes. Sarla and Pragya are about to leave, but Dadi stops them. She asks Pragya to do her work before going from house, and asks her to light the lamp in the inhouse temple. She asks Abhi to apologize to God or his dead parents. Pragya and Abhi walk towards the inhouse temple and looks at each other. Manzilein song plays…………Pragya lights the lamp and prays to God that she can’t let an innocent life getting ruined. Abhi prays to God and says he don’t want to be separated from Pragya. He asks God to give his share of happiness to Pragya and her shares of sorrows to him.

Pragya tries to wear the slippers. Abhi helps her wear it. Just as they about to turn, Pragya’s mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. Hamari Adhuri plays………Dadi says the jodi made by God can’t be separated easily. Pragya tries to take off her mangasutra and gets even more closer to him. Hamari Adhuri plays again. Pragya manages to get her mangalsutra. Sarla tells them that they are separating so asks Pragya to return the mangalsutra to Abhi, and asks Abhi to return the ring. Dadi also says the same. While Abhi tries to take his ring off from his hand, Pragya stops him and refuses to take off her mangalsutra shocking everyone.

Sarla says there is no relation between you both and why do you want to wear his mangalsutra. Pragya says relations are connected by heart, and says she will wear this mangalsutra till Tanu gets Abhi’s name sindoor. She folds her hands and requests. Raj and Aaliya come to Abhi’s office. Raj says Abhi is fully dependent on Akash and Purab and says he will ruin Abhi’s investments. Aaliya says it is superb and asks from when he will start working on the plan. Raj says you are going to do this, and asks her to make good terms with him. Aaliya says Abhi is her enemy now. Raj asks her to act goody with Abhi and forget Purab for time being. Aaliya looks on.

Dadi apologizes to Sarla again for not been able to fulfill the promise made to her. Pragya touches Dadi’s feet and hugs her cryingly. Dadi cries too. Pragya hugs Dasi and cries. She looks at Abhi and cries while the song Hamari Adhuri plays…………..Sarla asks her to come. Tanu thinks to marry Abhi soon else she will not be able to get him.

Precap: Tanu is talking to Nikhil on phone and says she is getting married to Abhi. She says it doesn’t matter who ever is the father of the baby, and says you are his father. Pragya hears it and falls down unconscious shockingly. .

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