Badi Devrani 11th August 2015 Written Episode


Vibhor makes profit from 10,000 rs given by businessman. He returns money to businessman in the morning. Business gets impressed. vibhor says he has many ideas to make profit.

Kajal tells her husband with Vibhor did good by not accepting money for business and not attending even shop. Husband says he silently escaped from working, now only he and his elder brother has work hard in shop, but profit will be between vibhor and them 50% each, from Ghanshyam’s family only he attends shop, but from their family all 3 men attend shop, so it is injustice. She asks him to talk to daadaji and take full control of shop. He says he cannot. He gives her ring and asks her to give it to his customer once he comes.

Chaachi sits for dinner and asks Aanchal to serve it to Reeti also. She gets worried for Vibhor and says he must have not eaten whole day. Reeti says she will keep his food in his room.

kajal hears door bell. Prabha walks towards door. Kajal stops her and says customer must have come to take his ring, so she will open door and give ring to him. She opens door. Man gets tensed seeing her and even she gets tensed. He asks if she is married in this house. She gives him ring, says she will call him back, and shuts door. Man confusingly leaves. Kajal thinks she escaped this time and she should stop her family knowing her secret. She will trick and become this house’s owner soon and will take her mom’s help.

Precap: Kajal starts acting as writhing in pain. Whole family gathers. Her husband says if she drinks her mom’s herbal drink, she will get well. Bilashi asks him to bring Kajal’s mom tomorrow morning. Mom is seen performing pooja.

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