Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th August 2015 Written Episode

Kokila says Gaura she can do anything to revive their friendship and stop her from leaving her house. Gaur asks if she is serious. Kokila says yes. Gaura says she needs Vidya instead of Meera for her grandson Shravan. Gopi interferes and says she does not accept it. Gaura taunts kokila that her gopi is not accepting her decision. Kokila says she means they need time to think. Gopi says Vidya is just 19 years old. Gaura says they were okay with her grandson for one daughter and not okay for another daughter.

She shouts at Gopi that she wanted to get rid of Meera, so she accepted alliance earlier. Ahem says she is insulting Meera. Shravan says he is insulting his maaji and says Gaura let us go now. Gaura stops him and taunts Ahem that he was like a wet cat before and now roaring and misbehaving with her. She taunts Kokila that her bahu does not respect her decisions at all and she is breaking her promise. Kokila says it is her granddaughter’s life’s issue and she will not take any decision in a hurry. Gaura says she will keep her granddaughter like a princess in her house. Ahem says he will speak to Vidya and her decision will be final.

In Vidya’s room, Tolu/molu joke that Gaura is a mad woman and is forcing her decisions on everyone. Ahem enters with Gopi and asks them to mind their tongues. Kokila enters and tells Vidya that her decision will be final and they don’t want to force her to take any wrong decision. Gopi and Ahem say same. Vidya says everyone knows what happened to Gaura here. Gopi says she will reject this alliance. Vidya says she did not mean that.

Baa tells other ladies that in her times, many times an alliance used to come for elder sister and younger sister used to get married, sometimes decision was good and sometimes.. Gaura enters and says sometimes it is god’s decision. She says she will call Shravan and let him speak to Vidya and their decision should be final.

Precap: Gopi tells Vidya she should decide if she is ready to marry Shravan or not.

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