Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 12th August 2015 Written Episode

MAnik is tieing Aryaman on a chair and when NAndhani tries to stop him he says that Aryaman was provoking him intentionally.Manik tells him to prepare an excuse because when he gets here then the principal will not let him get away with it this time.and when the principal comes Manik will not be suspended. Manik tells Aryaman that he frst got his hand injured and then he persuaded Nandhani to bring him in and then he told the peon to bring Manik here or was it just a coincidence . Manik asks him what was he up to then he asks NAndhani whi tells him that she knew that his phone was working and forgot that he would not let her contact Manik but she did with the peon’s phone who came. Aryaman gets unconscious abut Manik does not believe it but Nandhani rushes to him as she is softhearted.
Cabir is playing the drums and as he finishes everyone appreciates him and when Dhruv sees this he starts to sing the song and eceryone is fullofjoy and by the time they end all of the audience is standing and applauding for them. The manager is happy t see Dhruv and Cabir also comes at the front and hugs Dhruv.
Mukti is applying some makeup and aaliya comes rushing and as soonas she enters she says that she wants nothing to do the fab5 or her bother anymore and if Mukti called her here for that then she will leave. Mukti gets up and goes to Aaliya and says that she called her tonight to talk to her best friend and they will talk all night together. Then Aaliya says that to off the boys rejected her and the funny part is that they became her best friends. She tells Mukti that she is going to Manali for a month because of the stress to get it fixed Mukti is not happy to hear this but agrees with aaliya that she should do what is best for her. Then they talk all night about what they did when the joined the collage and did so much disaster. Mukti then says that does she remember the pundit and how she lit his clothes. Then they talk all night about the fab5 and then Mukti says to her that they cannot leave the fab5 and they they are incomplete without it.
Dhruv and Cabir are standing and the owner comes and says that they performed verygood and gives them both a check and a ticket for Dubai. Cabir asks him what he means by this and he says that there is a opening and they both will perform. Cabir turns down the proposal and the owner is shocked but understands and then Cabir leaves Dhruv tries to stop him but he doesnot listen
Manik brings Aryaman back to his house and when he places him on the sofa he sees the picture of Soha and asks him that how did it get her and then Nandhai says that Soha is his sister. Manik turns at Nadhhani and says that she was hiding this from him but she explains that whenever she tried to tell him there was always something wrong at the otherside so she stopped. MAnik bends towards Aryaman and says that he knows that he can kill him but Aryaman says to Manik that he killed his sister but Manik tells him to come to his pace and he will clarify everything.

Precap: Harshad and Nyonika are making out and suddenly Manik reaches and seeing them like that gets really angry and angerly stares at Harshad..

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