Reporters 12th August 2015 Written Episode

Manav comes back to KKN and Malvika greets him back. Manav says he heard many changes have happened here.. Shreya apologizes Kabeer and Ananya and says they have a business proposal from a client who wants her to meet him with Kabeer. Kabeer says he will accompany her. Manav enters and introduces himself. Shreya greets him in. Kabee and Ananya walk out. Shreya says he should call her Shreya and asks if he came to talk about 8 ki baat. Manav nods yes. Shreya says he is KKN’s identity and KKN is his identity, so he can work on 7 pm slot and even then his fans will accept him. Manav agrees.

While walk towards his cabin, Kabeer tells Ananya that she taught him thinking positive and he is feeling good. He enters cabin and gets Ananya’s mom’s call who asks him why did not he sort out his past and is letting it haunt his present. He asks what does she mean. She says Shreya had come to apologize Ananya and because of him for the first time, Ananya hid from here it was shreya. She asks him to sort out his problems soon before it is too late and cuts call.

Ananya takes ronnie to cafeteria and informs him about Shreya coming to her house yesterday night to apologize. Kabeer enters angrily. Ronnie senses problem and leaves. Kabeer asks why did not she inform him that Shreya had come to her house. She says she came to apologize. He says she had already apologied in office, then why did she come there. Ananya says she is truly apologetic and asks him to forgive her to hide it and not punish her. He smiles and tells her about today story to cover on his 9 p.m. news.

During board meeting, Kaabeer asks Manav if he thought any idea about his 7 p.m. slot as he wants to start promos from this weekend. Manav says he will give him a draft by evening. Kabeer says they should not just think of being number, they should give sensationalize news to people every day.

After meeting, Malvika tells Khalid that they don’t have work here. Khalid says he has plenty of work, but she is useless now, at least now she should pretend as working.

Manav comes to Richa and congratulates her for her 8 ki baat. He says even his fans are mailing that his assistant is doing fantastic job and says at first, he was angry that she took his show as it is his brain child, but then calmed down thinking his show got a mother now. Richa smiles. Ronnie suggests him to start human interest show as he is expert in it and suggests name as Manav ki manavta. Kabeer passes by and praises Ronnie’s idea. Ananya and richa also praise his idea.

Kabeer enters Khalid’s cabin and says he needs to talk. Khalid asks if he needs to talk about shares. Kabeer says he wants to talk about work and says Ronnie is multitalented and only one who is not promoted. He wants him to be given his own show and tells Ronnie to get Ronnie’s promotion letter printed via Shreya.

Kabeer asks Ananya when will they meet for dinner at 9:30 p.m.

Precap: Ananya sees Kabeer having different kerchief in his blazer and says it is looking good. Kabeer asks him to message her where to meet for dinner.

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