Manmarziyan 12th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun waking up. He sees Radhika sleeping holding him. He smiles and holds her. Dastaan…………….plays……….. She wakes up and looks at him. He closes his eyes and acts like sleeping. She moves away from him. He opens eyes after she goes. Sam wakes up and gets stunned seeing Neil sleeping beside her being shirtless. She sees her clothes changed and looks at him.

Radhika knocks for someone to help them and open the door. Nandini opens the door. Radhika gets stunned seeing her. Nandini sees Radhika and Arjun there. Sam changes her clothes and gets ready. Neil wakes up and smiles, saying baby …..had fun at night. Sam gets tensed. Nandini asks Radhika what are they doing here. Arjun says nothing, they got locked by her foolishness. Nandini says its good I heard the sound and opened door, what are you doing here. Radhika says I got Arjun here. Nandini asks why did she bring him here, the room did not open since years, is there anything.

Radhika says Arjun does not know about this room. Arjun says nothing, come. He leaves. Nandini smiles and asks Radhika why did she bring Arjun here. Radhika says to show your truth, but you made everything disappear. Nandini says non existing things disappear like this. She asks her to try, but she will get just failure. Sam asks Neil what happened yesterday. Neil sits and asks don’t you remember anything. She says nothing. He recalls the night. FB shows Sam and Neil playing cards and she wins. He calls her a cheater. She asks him to give his shirt to her. She takes all his clothes and he is left just in shorts. He says I won, and asks her to give her clothes. She removes her top and wears his shirt.

They continue playing. She wins again and asks him to remove his boxers. He says never. She says I won’t leave you. He covers himself with the blanket and removes the shorts. He sees her tensed and asks does she not remember anything. She says no, tell me what happened.

He says you said we will wait till 30, and you did not wait. He smiles and fools her. She starts googles and leaves. He asks her to stop. Mala tells Radhika that they have to do Gauri puja. Radhika says its nothing like this here. Mala says we have this ritual. Nandini asks Arjun to come home soon from office, his new bride will miss him. Radhika says office… Nandini says birdsong. Radhika recalls Sam’s words. Nandini says Sam called Arjun so he has to go, Radhika got what she wanted, so don’t stop Arjun’s dream, it was his dream to work in birdsong. She asks Radhika to trust her love and asks Arjun to go office. Radhika thinks she can’t let Arjun go near Sam. She makes the puja plate fall. Mala asks its big abshagun. Radhika says sorry Maa and asks Arjun not to go office.

He asks why. She says its abshagun. Mala says yes. Nandini says she does not believe so, after she got Radhika as her bahu. Radhika asks Arjun not to go today, Mala will feel bad. Nandini says he has work, don’t stop her and asks Arjun to go. Arjun asks Mala is this ritual imp. Mala says yes. Arjun says its okay, I will join from tomorrow, I will call office. Radhika smiles.

Piyali tells Samrat that Arjun is not coming today. Samrat says why will he come, he is newly married. He asks Sam why did he call Arjun. Piyali says we can’t mix personal and professional lives, birdsong was sinking when he joined. He says today Sam is sinking, I care for her. Sam says I m strong, I m fine trust me. Neil comes and says presentation is ready. Samrat asks Neil is he fine, and reminds they are in Mumbai, not Switzerland, why did he wear muffler. Neil says Sam will say Sir. He shows Sam the mark on his neck. Sam gets shocked. Neil recalls making it by lipstick. Piyali asks Sam what is it. Sam says mum and Pa….

Neil says I will say, actually. Sam says come, tell later, we have work. She asks him to shut up and sends him, saying lots of work. Mala asks Radhika to get ready as bride. Arjun comes to Radhika and asks her to do drama, she can’t stop him from going office, she made puja plate fall, but he stayed here for Mala. Sam asked me to come office, she loves me, you can’t keep us away. Radhika says she tried and won, she will plan tomorrow. They argue.

Mala comes to them and asks Arjun to apply sindoor to Radhika. He says yes and fills Radhika’s maang with sindoor. He smiles and she looks at him. Mala asks Arjun about Radhika. Nandini asks Arjun to be with Mala, she will get Radhika. She says great excuse to stop Arjun, by Gauri puja, I hate excused, you used Arjun so I have to settle scores. She says about abshagun, it will happen now, not with Arjun, but with your mum. Radhika is stunned. Nandini says where and how, I won’t tell this, you wanted to do Gauri puja, lets go and do it, you will have lots of fun today.

Mala tells Nandini that she is scared of heights. Nandini says I wish you don’t go to such heights. She tells Radhika that she will use this in different way.

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