Sasuraal Simar Ka 12th August 2015 Written Episode


just i saw simar came to mohini room and gives break fast.. she sees in mohini room 5 pots .. she her self tells what is in this pot,. for what it is there in her room and why.. later pari gives her home key to come home at mid night.. simar comes home with the key at night. bw house..

Ya pari gave keys to simar and tells her to come to bw hse at correct 11.30 at same time here Mohini and her mom come out to open the door while simar’s pallu would be strucked to some nail near pillar and while trying to take tat she saree piece would remain there and simar tried to open the door suddenly she feel someone is opening the door tat side and she hide herself Mohini and her mom goes out some where mean while janvi takes simar inside before she could tell something abt last 4months happneing Mohini gets doubt and reaches to bw hse there she sees key outside and thinks tat simar is inside the hse and someone is helping her….she gets angry

Precap – Mohini ask simar to come out but she wont she will be hiding near matarani’s statue Mohini gets angry and start beathing her family with her long hair and tells u have a last look at ur mataji and nw am gng to finish her and she throws one of tat pot

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