Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 13th August 2015 Written Episode

Harshad and Nyonika are talking and Harshad makes fun of Nyonika saying that she was not successfull in splitting Manik and Nandhani and made this plan without even talking to him. Nyonka says that she does not have to make Harshad remember his flop plans but Harshad says that he will not do anything for her unless she speaks to him with affection and love and when he gets closer to her she pushes him away and sees him with an angry face. Harshad and Nyonika are making out in the room and when they start talking Harshad says that did she invite Aryamanto the same place but Nyonika slaps her and says that he is crossing his limits but Haershad says that he crossed his limits sometime ago. They both are talking and suddenly Manik comes and when he sees them he gets angry Nyonika at first tries to order Manik but he doesnot leave and tells that she is the only one who will leave because he is not going anywhere. Harshad tries to go but he stops him and says that he will stay put. Nandhani requests him come with her but he says thatshe now knows why he doesnot call Nyonika mother because he wtnessed the sme scene two years ago with the same guy and they are not even embarrassed. Manik pulls the keys of the cupboard and is trying to open it when Harshad leaves and Nyonika tries to stop Manik but he says that he will go his father and she will no longer be his gurdain and leaves without even listening to Nyonika.

Naviya nd cabir are in the room and Naviya that does he know that she was not feeling well for the past couple of days and her hair have also lost their nourishment so Nandhani gave her this shampoo and so after using it her hair will be alright . She says that how good would it have been if her mother was here she would place oil on her hair and they would be alright she goes to Cabir and asks him what happened then Cabir says that does she know that when he could not sleep her mother would pluck her hands in his hairs and he would sleep quickly and it used to work all the time but then Naciy that he hs the fab5 but he says that they are no longer together because Aaliya and Dhruv left the fab 5 Naviya on this is shocked and asks him to make them join the fab5 because tomorrow is the talent hunt and the Fb5 will not be able to perform . Cabir says that they will not and Naviya seeing him cry hugs him.
Cabir is in the practice room and Mukti comes who asks if he called Manik but he said that how can he when there is no fab 5 because Dhruv is going to Dubai on the contract of ace club then Mukti is shocked and says that she heard Harshad talking to the manger about Dhruv some days before but Cabir does not believe her. He says that dhruv was performing like a professional nd was even dancing he says that they did not knew that he could perform like this. Cabir tells Mukti that he got this contract because of his talent and then Mukti tells him that they can call the person who did this contract.

Manik says that make sure Nyonika doesnot come he says that Soha died and Aryaman came to destroy his life. Maanik tells Nandhani that she was making out with a guy of his age and he feels embrassed that he is her son and then they hug eachother and Aryaman comes says that he called him to see this lovestory and Manik asks him to see this clip and says that according to Aryaman he knows Soha very well. Aryaman sees ha talking to an imaginary Manik and then he says that no one can bring her back not him nor Nandhani and further says that he is sorry .

Precap: Cabir and Mukti try to stop Dhruv but he doesnot listen. Manik tells Nandhani that nothing is the same as before.

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