Reporters 13th August 2015 Written Episode

Malvika sees Manav ignoring him and asks reason. He says he is not ignoring him and is just busy preparing for his 7 p.m. news.

Ananya brings Karan, man to be interviewed during Kabeer’s news. Kabeer thanks her. She sees him having different kerchief and says it is looking good. He says he thought when hatred is red, he should try blue as symbol of love. Ananya says she will message him where to meet at 9:30 for dinner and goes back to her desk.

Kabeer starts his 9 p.m. news and interviews Karan about his blog on human plea against death penalty. Kunal says it is inhuman and should be dropped. Kabeer continues interviewing him and ends his news.

Sunny sits next to Ananya and says she needs her help in sorting out his friends love story. Ronnie joins them and asks who is the girl and who is boy. He says boy is him and girl is Baby. Ronnie jokes and Sunny gets shy…

Ananya reaches restaurant and waits for kabeer. She sees Shreya and asks what is she doing here. Shreya says since coming from US, she does not feel like cooking for herself alone, so she explores restaurants. Ananya asks her to join and Kabeer is on his way. Shreya says Kabeer will not like it. Ananya says he will not mind and insists. Shreya joins her. Kabeer comes, sees her, gets irked, but calms down seeing Ananya. Shreya asks if she should leave. Kabeer says no as Ananya would feel guilty and says as colleagues, they can have dinner together. Shreya gets jealous as her plan is failing.

Kabeer asks Shreya what she wants to eat, and she orders. Ananya orders different thing and kabeer different. Shreya changes her order to what kabeer ordered. Ananya sadly says their taste are same. Shreya says they were and she did not know kabeer still likes same. She continues telling her US stories….

After dinner, in car, Kabeer says since dinner she did not utter anything and asks why did she invite Shreya, if she will invite her daily. Ananya says Shreya was already present, so she could not ignore her. She continues that next time she will not inform anyone and gets out of car angrily, then calms down and apologizes. Kabeer says let us go for coffee where shreya cannot come.. They continue and he says he is a very possessive boyfriend…She smiles.

Kabeer’s moral gyan: There is difference between being closer to someone and being forced to be closer.

Precap: Shreya praises Ananya and says she know knows why Kabeer loves her and asks if she will be her friend….

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