Kumkum Bhagya 13th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi stepping down from his car at a small temple. He asks how can God do this to Pragya? He says Pragya will continue to pray to him and will puja, but he is mere stone for him. He asks her not to snatch him from Pragya. He says he don’t deserve him, but she deserves him. He says he wants Pragya back in his life and says he has to make her realize that her decision is wrong. He thinks he will show his wedding card to Pragya, to make her realize that her decision is wrong. He thinks to make everything fine once she gets emotional and agrees to his sayings. Rachna tries to wake up Pragya. Pragya wakes up and asks where is Tanu and Abhi. Rachna calls Akash and asks about Abhi. Akash tells that Abhi went to office for signing some papers. Pragya says she has to talk to Abhi and inform Abhi. She leaves from there. Bulbul calls Pragya. Pragya tells her that she needs to talk to Abhi. while in the auto, she thinks Tanu has been fooling her and compelled her to break their marriage. She thinks once she informs Abhi about Tanu’s truth then she can unite with Abhi.

Abhi comes to Sarla’s house and shows the wedding night. Sarla talks rudely and says Pragya is not at home. Abhi says he is marrying Tanu for Pragya, and if she stops him then he will back off. Sarla says she will not stop Pragya and is proud of her. Bulbul informs Abhi that Pragya went to meet him. Abhi leaves. Abhi sees Pragya’s miss call and calls her. Auto driver picks the call and tells him that she has forgot the phone in his auto. Abhi asks the driver to wait there till he comes. Pragya comes to office, hears Aaliya talking to someone and telling about ruining Abhi. Pragya thinks who is this woman? Aaliya speaks about ruining Abhi’s concert and says Abhi can’t figure out who is behind his bankruptcy. She says Purab will be framed. She says Tanu’s pregnancy will be hidden and they will buy doctor, reports and everything. Pragya thinks she knows about Tanu’s baby secret.

Aaliya sees Pragya standing and cuts the call. Pragya says you wants to ruin your own brother and is framing Purab. She says you are going to ruin both. She asks who is helping you, and asks her not to do this for Abhi’s goodness. Aaliya says Abhi is not her brother and have no relation with him. She says Abhi gave her pain and her love purab hates her so much that he don’t want to see her face. She says Abhi will be pained when his name, fame and money will be snatched from him. Pragya asks Aaliya not to grow hatredness in her heart. She says you have forgotten humanity. She says I am sad that I gave pain to Dadi and Bulbul for you. She says you are selfish and think about yourself. Aaliya says she is selfish and says do you know how it feels how it feels when her loved one is snatched. She says it was her dream to marry Purab, and she will ruin Abhi for ruining her dream.

Aaliya asks why did you come back? You left Abhi naa. She says you are in problem now. You will save whom? At one side is Abhi and other side is Purab, and you can save none. She says nobody will believe you, as this is happening because of you. It is shown it was just Pragya’s imagination to confront Aaliya. Pragya looks at Aaliya and goes. Abhi comes to the auto driver and takes her phone. He thinks why did Pragya came here. He feels Pragya wants to come back to him. Pragya is in shock and thinks her own sister wants to ruin him. Even if I tell him, he will not believe me. Abhi comes to office and enquires with someone. He goes towards his cabin. Pragya leaves and he didn’t see her. He comes to his cabin and asks Aaliya about Pragya. Aaliya tells him that she didn’t come. Aaliya thinks if Pragya came there, and why Abhi is tensed. Pragya is walking on road and thinks about Aaliya betrayal. She thinks Abhi’s love confession and their romantic union. She cries while walking on road and thinks she can’t let wrong happen with Abhi.

Someone sees Pragya’s unconscious and injured after accident on the road..

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