Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sooraj stopping Lalima from tying the thread. He asks what is she doing and comes downstairs. Everyone get tensed. Lalima says she was removing old thread and…. He says don’t remove it. Sandhya has tied it here. Meenakshi thinks Bhabho’s efforts got waste, Lalima will know everything. Sooraj shows Bhabho what he got… Meenakshi stops him from saying and says she will give this gift. Vikram asks Sooraj to take rest in room. Bhabho asks Sooraj to rest and sends him. Lalima looks at Lokesh and they get thinking.

Meenakshi says Sooraj forgot to give you this gift, and asks Lalima to smile. She gives it to Lalima. Bhabho says you will enter this house and family with all rights after marrying Sooraj, and tells Lokesh that they will keep this marriage in Jaipur. He asks why there? She says she wants to get rid of the bitter memories of past, Sooraj’s first marriage happened here and she does not want any memory to hurt Sooraj. Meenakshi thinks Bhabho is my mum in law in lying, she is keeping marriage far so that Daisa and other neighbors don’t know of it.

The commander asks Chandu to go carefully, as its 15th august and security will be there. Chand says I have hidden all arms, no one will see it. The commander says he is proud of him. He asks about Sagarika, is he taking her along, he did not like this. Chandu says she does not know anything except play, she will not know anything. The commander says fine, you are going Raipur. Chandu says I did not say where is real meeting, I m going Jaipur, I will take big step this time and can’t take any risk, no spy will know the location of meeting. The commander hugs him and blesses him.

Bharat asks the staff to keep an eye on Raipur’s routes, buses, trains, hotels and everything. He says we want Chris, he is going to meet Chandu, this is their masterplan which is against our country, they should not succeed, we have to stop them. It Chris is caught, he will make us reach Chandu and Garjana, and tell us more info, Sandhya and I had details of this mission, now you both also know this, just we should know this, if this info leaks, Sandhya’s life will fall in risk.

Zakir comes to talk to Bharat and asks why did he recommend holiday for him. Bharat says yes, many times we have to think as a person than police officer, its 5 months Sandhya died, and you did not come out of that shock. He asks him to take holiday, he can get help to come out of past, a police officer should be fit by heart too, along body and mind. Zakir asks can I take this leave after few days, I have some work. Bharat says okay, you are on leave from now from my side, happy holidays. Zakir thanks and leaves. Bharat says Sandhya did great as she earned such good family and such a good friend, lucky people get such.

Sandhya is inside the truck and see people playing dhol.They have a talk and laugh. She thinks they are simple and innocent people, Shekhar and they do not know how Chandu is using them, they are not cheaters. Chandu thinks this meeting will be big step to take revenge. She thinks how Chandu will come for meet. He thinks he will do meeting with Chris, then no one will be able to stop Garjana.

Sandhya sleeps. Chandu sees water dropping on her. He holds an umbrella over her. The man sees this and says water is falling on him too, why did he not hold umbrella on him. Chandu says she is from city, if she gets cold, she won’t do play, it will be our loss. Sandhya wakes up and hears them. She says she will sit back, water won’t come. Bhabho and Babasa have a talk. He says Lalima did not like when Sooraj stopped her, I have seen her worry, like she understood Sooraj did not get away from Sandhya, you tried a lot to lie, but Sandhya from his heart have come out. Mohit comes and finds them worried.

Bhabho says Lalima and Lokesh’s faces turned pale. Mohit asks her to talk to Lalima and explain her. She says yes, call her. Lalima sees her and Sooraj’s pic. She recalls how he took Sandhya’s name.

Lokesh asks Lalima to see Sooraj’s gift. They see the chain pendant. Lokesh says its S, its Sooraj;s first wife’s Sandhya’s initials, I feel Sooraj loves his first wife, I want you to think again, its about your life. She cries. He says its call from his home, shall I talk to them. She says no, decision taken in hurry is not right, I need more time to think. Mohit says ringing but Lokesh is not taking call. Bhabho says I thought right, they both got annoyed, if they refuse for marriage, then… no this can’t happen, if Lalima does not marry Sooraj, then my Sooraj won’t get fine.

The truck stops. Sandhya sees Zakir and gets shocked. Bhabho says she will apply mehendi and Lalima stops her..

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