Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 13th August 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Neil sadly going and sitting back on his seat. Karan sees Ragini and Aman on adjacent table and says he will call them here. Neil stops him and says they are finalizing their marriage. Aman asks Ragini if he should postpone their marriage. She says he should as it is her decision.

Aman gets a call and walks out. Nivedita follows him and congratulates for him fixing his marriage with Ragini. He says thanks and says her dark circle will vanish now as she was worried about his marriage. They continue talking. Aman says he hopes he will hear news about her and Neil’s marriage. She says yes and leaves..

Agam and Suhani discuss how to meet mom now. Sunny tai comes and gives Agam Arav’s passport. She starts shouting at Arav that he should stop asking Ragini what did she do for him. Pam sees her and asks why did she come here. Sunny says she came to give Arav’s passport and says Arav stayed with Ragini since he was born and does not want to stay with her now, but Agam who did not stay with her wants to stay with her now. Pam asks Agam why are strangers interfering their lives and asks him if he wants to go. Sunny says she is forcing Agam and one day Agam will go to Ragini for sure.

Neil reaches Jignesh’s house and sees him crying and his mom consoling him. Jignesh sees him and says Nishi left home. Krishnakanth says even he was out when Jignesh called. Jignesh says Nishi ruined his life and destroyed him completely. He says alleged him to have an affair with his friend who is helping him set up business with her fiance and because of Nishi his friend and fiance’s engagement broke. He did not hit her at all, but she herself fell while she was yelling at him and left home asking for divorce. Neil says he will talk to Nishi and takes him along.

Nishi reaches Ragini’s home with bags and tells her that Jignesh betrayed her and is having an affair with a girl and he even hit her. She says Sunny tai knows everything. Sunny nods yes.

Pam tries to call Neil, but he is unreachable. She informs Karan and he says he will find out where he is now.

Ragini tells her mom how can Jignesh betray Nishi. Neil enters and asks where is Nishi. Ragini asks how does he know. He says Jignesh told him and he is in car downstairs. She asks how can he betray Nishi. Neil says her daughter is repeating the same mistake she did, Nishi misunderstood Jignesh’s friend as his girlfriend and asked divorced with him. She asks how can he hit her. He says he did not and pushes her and gets into Nishi’s room.

He explains Nishi that she has mistaken Jignesh. She says she is not as Sunny took pics and knows everything. He asks Sunny if she heard Jignesh and girlfriend’s conversation when they hugged. Sunny says she was far away. Nishi asks what about inside car. Neil asks if she was in car. Sunny says she was far away. Neil says in this age, it is common for friends to hug before saying good bye and asks Nishi come with him and console Nishi.

Neil goes near car with Nishi and Ragini and sees Jignesh unconscious after consuming poison. He rushes him to hospital and asks Ragini to complete hospital formalities. She does. Jignesh is taken into OT. His parents enter and mom alleges Nishi for forcing Jignesh to consume poison. Ragini says even Nishi is in a shock as she is Jignesh’s husband. Krishnakanth says if anything happens to Jignesh, he will not spare Nishi and get her arrested. Neil asks him to calm down. Nishi cries on Neil’s shoulder and says she cannot handle this. He consoles her. Aman enters and asks Ragini why did not she inform him. She says it happened spontaneously and she did not get time at all.

Precap: Ragini yells at Neil that she curses the day she met and married him..

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