Tere Sheher Mein 13th August 2015 Written Episode

he Episode starts with Rama acting to be ill. He says Rachita I m ready. Rachita comes to see him and finds him very ill. He greets her and coughs. She asks him to rest and not get up. He asks her not to come close, else she will also get bad disease. He says the symptoms and says he is worried for exams. She says I got English notes for you. He thanks her. Rudra comes there and makes Rachita hear Shamu and Rama’s talk. She gets stunned. Rudra says this is Shamu, loyal to Ramu, he fooled you. Rachita gets angry and scolds Rama to do this to impress her. Rama says this is not lie and cheat, the truth is I love you, I did all this to get your love and win your heart. She says stay away from me, I did not think you will do this, have some shame Rama.

Rama goes after her and holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand, don’t create an issue. Rudra says leave her hand. Rama says its between me and Rachita. Rudra says say again and beats Rama and Shamu. Rama gets angry and raises hand to defend. Rachita asks Rudra to stop beating Rama. Rama says he loves Rachita, he did not do any crime. Rudra says you are teasing my house’s girls and calling her at your home. Rama’s dad gets worried seeing Rama getting beaten up. Rachita shouts enough Rudra and cries seeing Rama’s state. Rudra says I m leaving you alive today, I will kill you if you do this mistake again.

Rama’s dad curses Rudra and falls there crying. Rama lies in the mud pool. Rudra holds Rachita and takes her. Rama says Rachita, he can’t stop me, my love is true, you have to come to me, that day will come, you will be mine, everyone will see it, I love you Rachita, your marriage will happen with me. He falls down. His dad cries and calls out Rama’s mum. Shamu asks anyone to call ambulance. The people help Rama.

Rudra comes home and tells Sneha and Gajanand about Rama, how he lied and acted to call Rachita to trap her in his love, don’t know what would he do if I did not reach on time. He says he did right thing. Rachita says shut up Rudra, I m not a kid that anyone fools me, why did you create drama, we could have talked to him, why did you beat him. Rudra says I m nothing, I felt I m part of this family. Rachita says we will take care of ourselves, we don’t need you, who gave you right to stop us. She asks him to stop interfering in their lives, else… Gajanand asks else what will you do, did you forget I gave this right to Rudra, why are you angry, he saved you from big problem, he protected you.

Sneha asks Rachita is Rudra saying true, did Rama do acting. Rachita says yes, he acted, but Rudra has beaten him a lot, its wrong. Gajanand asks Sneha to teach them bending heads after mistake. He thanks Rudra and says Rama does not deserve to be known by them. He scolds Rachita and asks them to know Rudra did right thing. He says they are his grand daughters, and if they do anything… Rachita says I did not do anything, I believe I did not mistake by going to Rama’s house. He scolds her. Sneha pacifies Rachita.

Rama’s mum comes angrily and scolds Rudra. She calls out Gajanand and everyone shut doors seeing her. Rudra asks did she go mad. Gajanand scolds her. She calls him a rat and argues with him. Dinesh comes and scolds her, asking her to be in her limit. She says yes, I m mad, and asks him to ask his dad why did he get Rama beaten, he is good guy, he did not see any girl. She says they are bad family. Gajanand scolds him. Sneha asks her not to tell anything in their matter. Rama’s mum says how Rachita broke Rama’s engagement, ask her why did she go to meet Rama, she is trapping Rama. Rachita cries and says enough aunty, I regret what happened with Rama. Rama’s mum scolds her. Rachita argues. Sneha argues and says you are lying, do you have any proof. Rama’s mum says she will get such proof that everyone see it.

Rama’s mum tells Rama that she went to take answer for Rama’s state. She cries and talks to Mantu. Mantu’s stops Rudra, while Gajanand and Amaya are also in the car.

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