Manmarziyan 13th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika praying to Lord in temple. He says no use, he does not hear anything. They sweetly argue. He asks her to call him Arjun. She says but Sir.. He says he did not hear it. She says mum and Nandini… He asks where are they….Sam comes to Neil and asks what happened last night. He asks did she forget what she did with him, is this his imp in her life. She asks him to stop acting, she remember they were playing. He says then you played with me. He holds her hand and says its over, it won’t change if you recall, there is no use to regret, I m not feeling sad, chill, get back to work.

She says listen Neil. He asks her to work. He says whatever happened was good, he came to now she has that tigress in her. She says stop it. He says don’t ask me, I will stop it. He says best way to forget it is work. She gets Radhika’s mail and says or to recall anything, this girl is after me… Mala tells Nandini that she has problem with height, vertigo. Nandini acts sweet to her. Radhika asks Mala to come for puja. Nandini asks did she get scared seeing Mala alone with her, did she think she will use Mala’s illness, she did not fall so low, she will use by a twist.

Sam says Radhika is lying to get Arjun. Neil says Radhika married Arjun, why will she lie now, I think she is saying true. Sam says if she was true, she would have told us before, I will not break my heart again. She leaves. Mala asks Radhika to sit with Arjun. Radhika sits with him. The pandit says its auspicious day, the one who do Gauri pujan today, their relation can’t be broken by anyone.

Nandini talks to someone and asks if everything is ready. Radhika hears her. Nandini stops Mala from sitting as she will have knee pain. She asks her to sit on the stool. Nandini sees the bell over Mala’s head. The man cuts the rope. Radhika sees Mala. Nandini asks Mala to ring bell. Mala rings the bell and Nandini smiles. Sam asks Neil why is he trusting Radhika. Neil says some people can’t do such things, you know it. Sam asks did you think you and me… you know. He asks what?

She says last night. He says you know. She asks what? Radhika sees the bell coming dowm and calls out Maa. Arjun and Mala see the bell coming down and get shocked. Arjun saves Mala, while Nandini tries stopping her. Radhika asks is Mala fine and looks at Nandini angrily. Sam says please tell me what happened last night. She says you are my best friend, and I love you. He says I love you too. She says you know I don’t love you that type, tell me. He nods and she says tell me it did not happen. He asks whats the problem if it happened, we are best friends. She says the problem is I was getting married two days ago. He says now you know its not happening. She gets sad.

He says its over, what can we do now. She asks what will we do? He says we will make a story. Teri meri dosti………..plays………….. He draws sketch and says you are the heroine, and hero is me…. I will make your fav ginger tea, you make different breakfast daily, you do what you like, I will do what I like, perfect life partner and kids. She asks kids? He says will I be with you all my life, I have two babies. They draw the kids. She makes more two kids and smiles. She says half football team. He says done. She says you said right Neil, we are perfect partners. He asks is she sure? He asks is she mad, will he have kids with her, does he look mad?

He says yesterday… nothing happened. She asks nothing and beats him. She says you have put me in tension. He says I have put you in good mood, just think did you recall Arjun since last night, so it was good, tension is over, I have work now, u m going to my cabin. He goes. She says mad. She sees the drawing and smiles.

Mala says why does this happen, that Arjun saves them as an angel when they are in problem. She says Radhika was right, you are Lord. Arjun says no Maa. Mala says Radhika is lucky that you are her husband. Arjun takes her to the car. Radhika stops Nandini and says you played your move, now its my turn, I felt you and Arjun are together, I was wrong, Arjun does not know your truth, you filled darkness in an innocent boy’s heart, that he gets hurt by light, but light has habit to remove darkness, I will get him out of darkness. Nandini says shut up, you don’t know anything about me and him, else I won’t leave you. Arjun asks them to come, what happened. Radhika says nothing, I was explaining Nandini that its our 7 births relation, I will be with you always.

Radhika tells Arjun that Mala is right, he is an angel and he does not realize this, it’s a wife’s duty to make him realize his goodness. He holds her hand and Nandini looks on.

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