Doli Armaanon Ki 13th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Damini is advised by anirudh, pointing out the recent change of good nature in ishaani, who not only mended things with shaurya, but also took a liking to diya and actually likes her being here. he asks her to stop this evil plots, as they are of no use, and let the whole family flourish together. But she is unfazed as she says that she doesnt care for his advise, and shall cotninue to do what she is doing, as ishaani is a child, and gets swayed easily, but as an adult, she knows whats in ishaani’s best interests. Anirudh is tensed. just then, urmi comes in giving them the good news, that diya’s case has been filed and the first hearing is tomorrow. Shaurya comes and hears intently too. Anirudh asks the name of the govt lawyer they got. urmi names some karmakar, and anirudh says that he vaguely knows, as ishaan used to speak about her, and they all hope that she turns out to be an efficient public lawyer. He asks her if she had a talk, but she says that she got the number, and tried it too, but noone is picking and its not going through. They are tensed. anirudh asks them to keep trying. they agree.

Later, while everyone is working, shaurya gets a call, from one of his employee reluctant to take a particular interview. he gets frusterated that noone is willing to take this interview. ishaani gets interested and asks whose interview is it. He names the recent heartthrob of bollywood. She goes all gaga, and points out how arrogantly the star always shuts anyone who goes to talk to him, and no wonder all fear interviewing him. Shaurya says that diya would have been the perfect person to interview him, and was scheduled too, but then things changed. ishaani says that she knows one more person. He asks if she is talking about her, seeing her interest. She says that she wont be able to, but he himself can. He understands that she wants him to go and take her along to meet the star. she happily agrees. anirudh and urmi are amused. Shaurya denies to ishaani, and she cribs why cant that happen. Anirudh and urmi side with ishaani when she asks of this as her Rakhi gift. shaurya finally gives in happily. Damini doesnt like it.

In the evening, as all sit down, they are all tensed, as they still dont get through the lawyer on the phone. Diya is worried. Finally, urmi’s phone on the landline goes through, and the lawyer’s PA picks up who rudely and hurriedly asks whats the matter as her madam is busy, and when she gets to know, and urmi presents her wish to meet them once, she says that it isnt needed. they are shocked, while she callously comments that the lawyer handles these cases only, and more or less all rape cases are the same. urmi insists to see her, but the PA curtly says that this isnt needed, as she shall meet the victim in the court hearing tomorrow itself, and abruptly cancels the call. urmi is shocked at their unprofessionalism and worse lack of ethics. While shaury and urmi sit with her, Diya says that she is highly scared and nervous regarding the case, and wonders if all of this is one big mistake. She says that she has already lost her family in order to get the rapists’ punished, and if they dont get convicted after all this then she would have nothing left. Shaurya and urmi are tensed.

In her room, urmi talks about diya’s genuine concerns downstairs, regarding the case. suddenly, she says that they have one idea, and thats to present an eye witness, that would strengthen their case. he is boggled. she says that karan shall have to testify, and shaurya’s face drops down, as he remembers slapping him and throwing him out of his house, the earlier day. He says that he wont do this, and urmi asks why, as he fought for iys with the goons, and has stood by diya in such a severe situation and trying times. unable to hide it any longer, shaurya exposes the true face of karan to urmi, narrating everything to her, and karan’s motives for his deeds. urmi is shocked to know of karan’s reality, and wonders how he is so shameless, and then says that these men are responsible for the downfall of women. he asks what to do now. she says that they would have to get him in the court now. He says that he is a spoilt brat. she says that they would have to get him, as if they fail, they shall fail the case too. he is tensed. She says that they have to fight and win this case for diya’s sake and gives him the responsibility to get karan to the court the next day anyhow. She leaves. he is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Karan’s residence
While working out, karan thinks that diya got angry at him at the wrong time, as his efforts would have reaped benefit now of all times, but she got upset, as soon the court case shall begin, which shall mean massive media coverage at all times, which he can capitalise to his advantage, and after his work is done and he has extracted the full profit of the situation, he would go the other way. he thinks that he shall use this case to become a famous star, and obviously after becoming a hotshot actor, he wouldnt even dream of marrying a raped girl. They would go their own ways, without him giving a damn about diya.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
The next morning, urmi gives everyone the puja blessings, and diya steps down, beaming, as urmi does the tilak, and they all support her. urmi says that she understands her nervousness, but she should know that they all shall stand by her side always. Diya says that she knows she has their support, but she misses her parents. they get tensed. sandhya assures that they too are like her family. urmi too complies. Anirudh blesses her too, saying that she should just be strong and confident, as its not her fight alone, as its everyone’s fight now. Shaurya comes down, as he says that they shall fight it together now. Diya is overwhelmed to see their support. ishaani too supports her. diya smiles. damini doesnt like it. Urmi says that they should leave now, as they have to meet the lawyer. she asks shaurya to get karan to the court. Diya is tensed to hear this. Diya asks why karan. urmi tells her that Karan is the eyewitness, and its of extreme importance they he is present in the court today.

Scene 4:
Location: Karan’s residence
The next morning, as karan is all ready to go out, the doorbell rings, and he opens the door surprised to find shaurya standing, who eyes him tensedly. The screen freezes on shaurya’s face.

Precap: Shaurya tells karan that he needs his tesimony and presence in the court today, for diya’s case. karan taunts him that thats the reason for him such a humble discourse in front of her. Shaurya asks if they can go right now and talk later. karan says that they can go later too then. Shaurya dryly asks what he wants. karan eyes him evilly, as an evil idea engulfs his mind. At the court, a lawyer comes and approaches diya asking if she is the rape victim. She nervously complies. Diya asks if they can talk. She rudely responds that they can talk inside only and it isnt needed to chat right now. Diya is tensed and worried. urmi is boggled.

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