Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th August 2015 Written Episode

Gaura gives rack of clothes and jewelry to Vidya as a shagun. Whole modi family is surprised to see that. Kokila says she would have just given 1.25 rs as shagun instead. Gaura says she was talking of her age and says she bought modern clothes for her poti bahu. Tolu/molu taunt Meera that she was telling gaura is poor and owns cows, but looks like she has diamond mines. Meera fumes and runs to her room.

Kinjal reaches registrar’s office with Dhaval and requests Rashi chawl’s property paper xerox. Registrar asks if she is the owner. She says yes. Dhaval asks her not to live and his fayi/urmila is owner. Registrar asks to bring urmila then. Kinjal says fayi is mad, so she came. Dhaval asks her to stop lying. Registrar asks them not to waste his time and sends them away.

Tolu/molu reach Meera’s room and asks if she is jealous that Gaura is so rich and incompetent Shravan become so competent now. She asks them to mind their tongue and get out. Tolu/molu joke that they smell something burning and run from there. Pari comes and asks why are they running. They say meera is burning in jealousy. She asks them to stop taunting meera. She enters meera’s room and asks her to attend Vidya’s shagun ritual. Meera says she will not. Pari says vidya is her sister, so she should attend all the functions. Meera angrily agrees and joins family members.

Gaura distributes gifts to whole Modi family. She dorns bracelet to Kokila and says she is confining her for her whole life. Whole family gets confused. Gaura changes her tone and says she is her samdhi now forever. She then gives gift to Meera. Meera gets happy seeing diamond necklace. Gaura snatches it and says it is for bride vidya and since she rejected her office, necklace goes to Vidya. Meera fumes.

Gaura then gives her anklet and says she needs it more. Meera throws it on floor. Ahem asks why is she misbehaving with maasi. Meera says gaura misbehaved with her instead and asks Gaura to leave before getting more insulted. Kokila shouts that Meera insulted Gaura instead and apologizes Gaura on Meera’s behalf. Gaura says it is okay and asks Meera to wear anklet as needs to be controlled. Meera angrily leaves. Gaura then says tomorrow she will call pandit and fix marriage. Gopi asks how can she fix marriage so early. Gaura starts her arrogant answers again and says her decision is final.

Gopi goes to Vidya’s room and asks if she is happy. Vidya says yes. Jealous Meera enters and shouts that she has accepted alliance which did not come for her. Gopi asks her to mind her tongue. Vidya leaves fuming in jealousy. Vidya says she did not have any imagination of her husband and is marrying Shravan on her family’s insistence, but now sees all her husband’s qualities in Shravan.

In the morning, Gaura calls pandit to check Shravan and Vidya’s kundali. Gopi asks why is she in such a hurry. Gaura says at least now her decision should be respected. Kokila asks if she will not accept Vidya if kundalis don’t match. Gaura says she wants to see if marriage will be hit or flop and then laughs like a villain and says she is just joking.

Precap: Gaura says Meera is a khota sikka/waste body and she deserves only a khota sikka.

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