Reporters 14th August 2015 Written Episode

Kabeer drops Ananya home and apologizes her mom for not informing her about Shreya. Mom says it is okay, but he should have informed her earlier. He says he will from hereon. Mom then brings gulab jamun. Ananya says she loves gulab jamun and serves Kabeer. Kabeer says 1 is enough, but she gives him 2. He eats it with great difficulty and agrees that he does not like gulab jamun. She asks mom to prepare other sweet next. Once he leaves, she gets sad that she does not know what he likes. Mom says it is okay, even she did not know her dad did not like baigan bharta, but she served him for 10 years. She tells slowly she will know what kabeer likes and dislikes.

Shreya in her house sadly thinks how kabeer and ananya ruined her plan and thinks of doing something else to separate them. Ananya in her home thinks she should befriend with Shreya to know what kabeer likes.

In the morning, ananya enters kabeer’s cabin and says she wants to give him something. He says not in office. She says she is happy that he expects kiss from her. She goes near him and he nervously says no. She keeps letter in his pocket and he says he is relaxed now.

Khalid enters Malvika’s cabin and asks if she patched up with manav and is helping him in his show. she asks who told him. He says everyone is talking about it. He says they are searching producer for manav’s serial and will finalize it soon. She says she will speak to her dad and will not let manav’s show to be aired.

During board meeting, Manav briefs about his human interest stories serial manav se manavta. Shreya says he should convince kabeer’s permission as he is editor-in-chief. Kabeer asks manav to continue. After he finishes, he asks shreya and khalid’s opinion. They both agree. Kabeer says it is a brilliant idea and shreya asks who will produce it. Malvika says she will. Kabeer says Ronnie should as he is loyal employee and is an technical expert. Shreya congratulates Ronnie. Malvika leaves fuming. Shreya tells Khalid she will not tolerate this. Khalid says he will talk to Malvika. She says he should not. Kabeer asks manav if he is okay to coordinate with ronnie. Manav says he will as he knows manav even before him. Ronnie thanks kaber and kabeer says it is okay, he deserves it.

Shreya calls Ananya to her cabin and thanks her for showing a friendly gestures yesterday night. Ananya says it is okay. Shreya says she knows kabeer would have been angry yesterday. Ananya says he did not tell anything. Shreya says so sweet of her, she is defending kabeer so well. Ananya says she is not. Shreya says she came to this city after a long time and has many friends here, but she wants a true friend like her and asks if she will be her friend. Ananya is surprised to hear that.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: One can sometimes win even by letting the opponent win.

Precap: Shreya requests Ananya to be her friend..

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