Tere Sheher Mein 14th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya arguing with Rama’s mum. Rama’s mum insults them a lot. She says your mum run away with a thief, she knows the children of a thief. Amaya asks her to apologize to her mum, and take her words back. Rama’s mum asks her to hear about her dad, and tells how he did suicide. Pushpa cries and says stop it, don’t say anything, I request you to leave. Rama’s mum asks her to see how she felt bad by hearing this, how will she feel seeing Rama’s blood and wounds. She says she will tell them all their secrets. Dimple argues with her and asks her to leave.

Rama’s mum scolds her and says i don’t have enmity with you, you are their bahu, you will know them, keep your daughter away from Rishi’s girls, else they will make her characterless. Gajanand says enough, how dare you.. She says you want to see my courage and breaks things there. He says enough, Rudra teach her a lesson like her son, throw her out. She says so you are the one, come here. Kaushalya stops Rudra and says she will deal with her. She asks her to get out. Rama’s mum slaps her. Kaushalya also slaps her, and they fight. Gajanand asks Rudra to stop them. Rama’s mum beats Rudra and he runs.

She says don’t fight with a mum, you don’t know power with a mum, I left Rudra alive, as he is dog of this house. She says if anyone sees my family, I will kill them. She scares them. Rudra gets scared and hides. She cries and says she will not leave them like Durga, this is her promise, remember it Gajanand. She leaves. Rachita cries. Mantu meets Rama in hospital and asks him why did he not beat Rudra. Rama says cowards beat, Rachita was there, Rudra is her relative, how could I beat him. Mantu says no one can see true love’s depth, girls play with our emotions, no one sees love.

Rama asks when did he know true love. Mantu says leave all this, I m your friend. Rama says I won’t lose so soon, I know Rachita will be mine, how I can raise hand on relatives. Mantu says I will keep friendship, your hands are tied, not mine. Rama’s mum comes there and cries. Mantu holds her and leaves. She kisses Rama and asks how is he. Rama says I m fine. He asks where did she go. She says she went to get answers of her wounds.

Dimple tells Sneha that illiterate woman has insulted dad. Sneha goes to talk to him. Pushpa asks Dimple to be quiet. Sneha sees Gajanand upset. He says freedom and living without any control is different. She apologizes from Rachita’s side. He asks her to explain them and wish this matter ends here.

Rachita talks to Amaya and says this happened because of Rudra, Nana ji is dropping us at job, this is wrong. Gajanand says this is right, I know you don’t like my ways, but its better to understand soon to minimize mistakes. Rudra drives and thinks he has ignited fire, and Dev will be happy. Rachita, Amaya and Gajanand have a talk on the way. He says its his duty to take care of them. Rachita says its over, we should live normal life. Rudra says its Banaras, nothing gets normal so soon. Mantu comes on his bike and stops the car. Amaya gets shocked seeing him.

Gajanand says what does he want. Mantu comes to Rudra. Rudra asks him to move his bike. Mantu asks him to come out. Rudra says I don’t have to fight, I have house ladies. Mantu says come out. Gajanand asks Rudra to show him. Amaya says no need to fight Rudra. Gajanand asks them to keep quiet, he will see what happens. Rudra says we will forgive him today. Mantu holds Rudra’s collar and says come out. Rudra says Amaya book a hospital bed for him beside him, I have to beat him.

Rudra holds Mantu’s neck. Amaya comes in between. Mantu asks her to move back and beats Rudra. Rudra beats him and they have a fight. The people stop them from fighting. They still fight. Gajanand looks on. Mantu beats Rudra a lot. Amaya and Rachita look on shocked. Mantu throws Rudra in water and jumps to beat him more. Amaya says I told Nana ji, not to let Rudra go. Rudra faints and gets inside the water. Mantu picks him and rages. Amaya cries seeing Mantu’s angry avatar. He says I m leaving him, I regret not to be with Rama when Rudra has beaten him.

Amaya says Mantu…. Mantu says enough, emotions are not for city people, I can die but not move back from my ethics, Rama did not deserve this. Gajanand asks the girls to see, these guys are goons. Mantu says yes, atleast I know what I m, not like you, dual faced, see yourself, if you point finger at Rama or his family, I will turn more bad, remember this. Amaya cries seeing him. Mantu leaves.

Rudra meets Dev and says he got beaten up. Dev says you are young, you are afraid of small wounds, hear my next plan, this pain will go, Sneha and Gajanand’s bad time will start now, and passes money bundle to him for his pain. Rudra acts and Dev asks him not to do this acting. He tells his plan and laughs.

Rama tells Rachita that he won’t lose, he will fulfill his promise. She asks him to do anything. Rachita gets kidnapped and Sneha worries for her.

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