Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 14th August 2015 Written Episode

RV says to Shekhar that he knows that he mistrusted her but when he realized he still loves her…. Stops as once then continues that he has promised Ritika and will try his best. Shekhar says he needs to try even harder, if he has to make everything alright he has to take Ishaani into her past life. He leaves.
Ishaani brings Ritesh and Chaitali to the old factory’s house that Ranveer had named after her. She tells Chaitali that the care taker lived here. Chaitali says she won’t live here but stops when Ritesh says to Ishaani that Chaitali knows it is more important to bring Sharman out of jail, and that he doesn’t have enough money to take her to hotel. He will collect money from any sourse to get Sharman out of jail, this house isn’t as worse as jail. Chaitali says yes, this isn’t as bad a place as jail. Ritesh says he has talked to someone for money. Ishaani suggests to take money from Shekhar but Ritesh says their relation to them doesn’t allow this. He tells Ishaani to go home as it is her fast today. Amba and Ritika enjoyed the function, ladies appreciate Amba’s effort for keeping a party on Teej. Amba says these days a fair for teej isn’t arranged, so she thought about arranging a swing for them. She says that Ritika isn’t fasting but she wants to make this day special for Ritika and takes her to swing. Ishaani comes home and is shocked to see Ritika happy on the swing. She recalls Ritesh words that she doesn’t has to lose her courage. She looks at the temple at home, goes to it and recalls Falguni. Keeping the tray there she comes to the hall where Lakshmi was saying to Amba that she is really enjoying this swing. Ishaani says that the real fun will now begin when she will push swing of Ritika, they are friends and can push each other’s swing. Ritika says alright, she might come to push her swing. Amba takes everyone aside for the pooja, the women talk that there are two wives at home. Ritika wonders why she is so happy, has she met her family or not. Ishaani comes behind the swing and asks Ritika what is she thinking, that why is Ishaani so happy. She says her roots have been linked to her family, and she is always happy. Had Ritika known about a strength of a family she would never have done this. Ritika says this is just the beginning. Ishaani says this beginning is her end, a person’s fate is because of her doings. She thinks about her child that he will not be able to learn anything from her. Ritika thinks she did a big mistake leaving her alive that day. She watches a candle burning nearby and says that she will now push Ishaani’s swing. Ishaani takes a seat on swing, Ritika says she must now see what she does to her.
Ritesh calls Chaitali to prepare some food. Chaitali complains that she has fast for him today, can’t be prepare food for her today. She prays to God to make her a husband in her next lives so that she can eat from her wife’s hand. Ritesh says that now he and Pratik will prepare food and takes Pratik out. Chaitali brings biscuit from bag.
Ritesh says to Ishaani that she doesn’t take the fate but lives of people. She decided who will live or not. She says she killed her mother only because she came in her way and pushes Ishaani’s cradle hard. Ritika says that she has been alone, her family is away and RV also doesn’t live with him. Ritika says she feels bad for Ishaani, she has all the best things but always bad happens with her. Ritika comes to the side of the swing and places Ishaani’s saree into the candle. Ishaani stands up turns and says enough, the one who has God at his side shouldn’t worry anyone. It is Ritika who must be fearful. The Ranveer she wants to marry will take her to jail. Ranveer comes home then and watches Ishaani’s saree on fire and shouts her name. She turns and is worried, all the women run towards Ishaani. RV tries to put the fire off, Ishaani fells over him and both lay on the floor. RV asks Ishaani if she is alright. Amba and Ritika are irked. Ishaani looks around, RV notices the ladies there and sits up helping Ishaani as well. Ishaani was lost, RV takes her inside the room.
Ritesh and Pratik were worried, Ritesh cursed that the fuse had to go off even now. Pratik goes to get electrician. Ritesh gets Ishaani’s call who asks if they have eaten anything. Ritesh says they are about to have food. Chaitali comes from behind and shouts that he is lying, they have neither something to eat not a bed to sleep. Ritesh hands up but Ishaani is worried that her family is really in trouble and she is living in luxury here. Mala brings Ishaani food and says that Ranveer told her not to return until Ishaani has eaten. Ishaani tells her to keep the tray aside and tell Ranveer she has eaten. Mala abides by but Ranveer was standing on the door. Mala tells Ishaani to have some of it, as she has to take medicines as well. Mala leaves. Ishaani thinks that she doesn’t want to eat anything, if her family is hungry she will also remain hungry.

PRECAP: Ritika shows Ishaani’s photo to a man and tells him to look at her carefully.

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