Satrangi Sasural 14th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan finds vibha upset and packing her bags, and gets tensed asking her whats she doing. She says that she isnt able to cope with his mothers, and that one mother in law, but here they are seven, who all are hell bent on torturing her, and its increasingly becoming difficult for her to stay back. she says that she wont request him to leave his mothers, and that he can stay and she wont mind, but she wont be able to. He tries to stop her, but she walks out with her bags, thinking that he would never let her leave, and this shall serve as a good lesson to arushi and her mothers. They come in the drawing room, where arushi and others are surprised too at the commotion. He asks vibha to stop. She finally does, but begs him not to ask her to stay back, as she cant stay in a place where she isnt wanted and that she shall leave, while he can stay here with the mothers. granny asks vihaan whats going on. He curtly says that what happened earlier today wasnt right and thats whats causing vibha to leave. Vibha presents an emotional drama, that she doesnt want to strain his relationship with his mothers. the mothers eye him sternly. He says that if at most its necessary, then he too shall leave with vibha. all are shocked. harpreet asks him not to talk like this, and folds her hands and asks him not to go, saying that she made a mistake, but wnt repeat it again. he apologises and asks her to instead tell this to vibha, as if she has realised her mistake, then she should apologise to the person she hurt by her actions. Vibha is amused, while all others are apalled. harpreet folds her hands in front of vibha, and apologises, much to her evil amusement. Arushi and others are shocked. to present a good picture in front of vihaan, she asks harpreet not to apologise as she is elder, and if they want her to stay back so much so, then she has a condition. they are surprised, and asks whats it. Vihaan is boggled. She then reminds that every mother has one day for all the mothers, on which day they do something special for him, and tells everyone’s day along with mentioning that Monday is Nilima’s, when infact she had given it to arushi. They are surprised. Vibha says that since nilima isnt here, she wants monday so that she can serve him. Arushi is distraught and others are shocked too. Vihaan instantly agrees, saying that he doesnt think there’s any problem with that. granny agrees too. vibha stands evilly smiling, feeling victorious. arushi remembers how nilima had given her the day lovingly and is sad but complies nevertheless. the mothers apologise to vihaan once again and he goes inside. Vibha yees all of them, and asks if they learnt a lesson not to create a problem for her anymore, as they would themselves face the wrath. Vibha taunts them all and points out an accusing finger at all of them, referring to all of them as her maids, catering to her wishes. As she waves the fngers at them, Arushi finds the key of the sake in one of her bracelets. They understand that this is the key to the safe. Vibha goes inside, and they decide on a plan to get the key now.

Scene 2:
Location: Kasturi’s client’s residence and the parcel address
Once the husband is gone, Karuna gets girish out from hididng, who is shocked to see her in a brusied state. he asks what happened, and she talks about her tyrannous husband who got angry because she couldnt do a small work for him, yesterday, which was to deliver a small parcel, and shows him the parcel. he asks why didnt she do it, and she reminds him of the passionate encounter that they were having when she was to deliver the parcel. He hesitates when she asks him to do it, and gives him the address. she asks him point blank if he shall do it or no, and for formality’s sake he agrees. Once girish is gone, the lady smiels evilly, as her men come up. She asks her men to go and follow the man. He asks what if girish opens the parcel. The men ask what if he does. she tells that he wont find anything, as its empty, and just a test, which they shall see if girish passes. She says that if girish doesnt open the parcel, it means he trusts her, and then they can send him the actual parcel tomorrow, wherein he shall be an extremely useful person for their mission, which is to create terror in the surrounds of Old Delhi, and would be a perfect person for the mission. The men leave.

Girish arrives with the intact parcel, and comes to a shady locality, and wonders where is he stuck. he gives the parecl to a goon looking guy, who takes it, and then gives him money for it. girish is shocked, but silently accepts the money and leaves. the goon then calls karuna saying that girish delivered the untampered parcel, without opening. she is happy thinking that girish is trustworthy and a perfect person to fulfill their mission now. she smiles evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
While vibha is taking care of vihaan, granny walks in with all other mothers, with a smile plastered on their faces, which makes vihaan happy, but vibha is boggled and amused. Arushi too walks in later on, pretending to be working. granny apologises to vibha yet again, on everyone’s behalf, for what happened earlier in the day, and excitedly says that to make up for it, she wants to give something to her, a gift from all the mothers. priyanka opens the cases of jewellery that they have decided to give to vibha, accepting her as the bahu, calling them heirloom jewellery. Vibha is aghast looking at the lavish spread of jewellery, and gets engrossed in it, that she doesnt realise that to put on the bangles, granny and priyanka deftly take off the bracelet that contains the key to the safe, and then pass it to arushi, through the mothers, one after the other. Arushi rushes out, and gets manohar to take an imprint on the soap. Meanwhile the mothers keep vibha busy inside, so that she doesnt notice. but while trying on the necklace, she notices the missing bracelet and asks where is it. they are tensed. the screen freezes on vibha’s and arushi’s face.

Precap: While everyone is having dinner, arushi stealthily tries to open the safe with the alternate key, trying to get where she has kept the medicines. vibha gets suspicious and excuses herself for a moment from the dining table, while all the mothers are tensed. Arushi meanwhile is successfully able to open the safe and finds the bottle of meds that she gives to vihaan. she takes out the bottle that she has brought, and thinks that she should hurriedly replace these tablets with the ones that they plan to give vihaan, so that he gets his memory back sooner, oblivious that vibha is on her way to the room. when vibha opens the room, she is shocked.

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