Sasuraal Simar Ka 14th August 2015 Written Episode

Mohini gets angry and drags pari to her room while taking pari to her room amar and Shalu tries to stop Mohini. But Mohini pushes them, amar falls on sofa and Mohini takes pari to her room whole bw family ask Mohini to leave pari but she wont she takes her to the room meanwhile amar changes that pot which Mohini forget to takes while dragging pari to her room.And gives tat pot in which mataji is there and ask simar to go to his hse and wait for him . At night Mohini ‘s mom gives her some drink it would be so hot so she wil keep tat on table and goes to change dress meanwhile amar mix some drug in Mohini ‘s drink after she falls unconsious after drinking it

Then amar meets simar and tells abt the happenings of tat day of his marriage…..

Precap -Sid and amar ties Mohini in chair and mataji scholds Mohini….how dare u tried to kill simar wait and see wat am gng to do with u…..on hearing tis Mohini smiles evily….

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