Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 14th August 2015 Written Episode

The episode startes with khurassan following ashok in market along with his men. He sees ashok talking to some lady in same attire type which dharama wears. He thinks so I found out that ashok is talking to dharama. Ashok has already seen him there keeping an eye as he senses that mir is coming close he signs the other lady who isn’t dharma to run they both run away in different directions. Mir follows the lady he spots her talking and going with other ladies. He stops her from back n pulls her veil. He realises it isn’t dharma n the lady gives a slap on mir’s face saying isn’t he ashamed n walks away. (His face was so pale then). Khurassan comes back empty handed. Someo offers him water and he takes it. Its ashok he turns n finds hin mir questions ashok about his whereabouts during entire day. Ashok counter question’s him for asking such.Mir replies as ashok is bodyguard of bindhilu he must be with him.Ashok says ohh yess I had been to just market. Khurrasan asks why. Ashok replies to eat jaggery and channa have u tasted sir u ll also like. 😉 . He leaves eying mir. Mir thinks that dharma hasn’t left patliputra and she can be in place only.

Dharma n ahenkara are talking about hardwork n ashok would lov to hear it frm ahenkara. Dharma says asgok is her good friend. Niharika shouts from back to both. She advices ahenkara to forget past n mingle with sushim n help him to recover from new brothers shock. Then she calls ashok n dharma cheap n insults dharma n warns not to be seen around her daughter. Ashok steps ahead to stop niharika but then remembers chanakyas word that whole palace would be now after you observing ur each work and word. He vows to get proof against niharika and then teach her how to treat queen of maghad.

Sushims friend tells him that ashok can do anything if he finds new prince then you’re dream gone. Sushim slaps him hard n asks whose friend are you. The Friend asks him to slap on other cheek too as both the truth the one abt ashok n other he being sushims friend won’t change. Charu comes inn n orders friend to leave. She tells sushim to befriend ashok n make him sway in friendshipemotin order to stop him bring new prince. As he can’t be stostopped directly but goodness of heart is weak point of that fool ashok. (Morn charu). Susim nods.

Ashok brings dharma to an isolated forest decorated with flowers and a throne made of wood. She asks him whats this. He says surprised MAHARANI SUBHARANGI she is puzzled. Ashok changes topic n says smarat vanrajs mom is a queen only na. He says I wanted you to feel very special. She is dazzled. Ashok washes her feet with milk and water in flower petalled plate and cleans themwoth his cloths and asks her toforward n sit on throne. As they proceed the forest turns to palace dharma to gold cladded queen n throne to bindus throne along with bindu forwarding his hand towards dharma tum hi mere ho….song plays. N all cheer maharani subhranghi ki jay ashok too shouts jay but this turns out to be his dream. Dharma asks what happened. Ashok replies I thought my dream came true so early. They proceed toward s throne n dharma sits there with grace. Ashok sprinkles flowers on hrr n cheers her name. She calls him n he sits on his knees. Dharma caresses his face.

precap: mir khurrasan says today I will kill dharma n her son by my own hands and follows ashok he reaches a godown and ashok throws a net on him to trap him and says ur doom has come. He raeches to khurrasan with chandragupts sword in his hands.

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