Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Dhruv to break the relation, as she can’t see his life in risk. They both cry. He says you will go away from me, then will I be alive, don’t say this again. He says Kundli dosh can’t make her away from him, he does not believe all this. She says even I don’t, but its about your life. He says you are my life. He asks her to be with him, they will fight with any big problem. He gets imp call and goes. Varun talks to tailor and asks him to make best sherwani for his dad, and does not ask him to make his sherwani. He says alter my old sherwani. Kiran hears him and asks him why is he being miser, to save money, why is he money minded. He says he is wise spender and explains her.

Bihaan gets mehendi and tells Thapki that he will give Dhruv and Vasundara happiness, he will change kundli and fate. He asks her to come with Dhruv. Thapki makes Swastik fine and they all are glad that there is no abshagun. Vasundara thinks now it will be abshagun when she lights the diya. Thapki lights the diya and fire catches the plate. Poonam drops the aarti plate and they all get shocked seeing the fire. Vasundara recalls putting spirit liquid in it. Suman says its second abshagun, whats happening.

Thapki and her family goes from there and talks. Poonam says she is afraid for Dhruv. She says its all abshagun, she can’t risk Dhruv’s life. Varun and Aditi ask her not to scare Thapki. She asks Krishnakant to refuse for this marriage, before anything bad happens. They all get shocked. Dhruv and is family wait for them. Suman thinks their decision and lights the lamp on and off. Bihaan asks Vasundara not to worry. Vasundara thinks it will be good for Dhruv, Thapki and her family are scared and will refuse for this marriage. Thapki and her family come to them. Dhruv sees Thapki crying. Poonam apologizes to them and says they request to cancel this marriage, as Dhruv is like son for them, they don’t want to risk his life. They all get shocked. Vasundara acts like being sad and gets happy within her heart. The lamp catches fire. Thapki sees it and saves Vasundara standing below the lamp, by pushing her on time. The lamp falls down and breaks. They all get stunned. Thapki says sorry, it was falling on you, are you hurt? Vasundara says I m fine. Dhruv worries for her.

Kiran thanks Thapki for saving Vasundara. Dhruv says no, Thapki’s kundli has dosh, she is risky for others, how can she save others then? He explains Poonam that today’s truth is Thapki, who has saved my mum’s life.

Dhruv requests Poonam to get rid of this fear. Bau ji says Dhruv is right, Thapki will make problems away, don’t get afraid, get Thapki and Dhruv married, they are made for each other and convinces them. Poonam gets thinking. Poonam agrees and blesses Dhruv and Thapki. Bihaan asks Dhruv to cheer up now. He gets spirit bottle and understands how it caught fire. He thinks who did this.

Everyone ask Vasundara to write Dhruv’s name in Thapki’s hand with mehendi. Thapki smiles..

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