Tere Sheher Mein 15th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya recalling Mantu’s words. Rachita comes home angry and tells her that she could not focus in class. Rama calls her and she refuses to talk. Amaya insists and makes her talk. Rachita scolds Rama. Rama says I have no complaints with Rudra beating me, I did not beat me, won’t you ask why, as one day our families will have our relation, so I did not create scene. Rachita asks is he mad, situation changed, his mum.. Rama says I know everything, my mum is insulted at your house, this is wrong. Rachita says you don’t know anything, your mum came here and insulted my mum, Nana and my dad. He says she is my mum, you know when any mum’s child gets hurt, she will be angry.

Rachita says she told a lot. Rama says how can I accept my mum insulted them alone, if she did police complaint, then you would have known. Rachita asks are you threatening me, you do anything, I m not afraid. He says I m not threatening, I m giving promise, you don’t know Banaras guys, I will not lose, see what I do. She asks him to do anything. She asks him not to call her again and ends call. He says he will show whats passion.

Rachita says I thought he is good man, its my mistake, I should have not gone to his house. Amaya says Rama is not bad, situation is bad, think again, if you and I were at Rama’s place, would mum not react such, I want to say Rama is a nice guy. Rachita says he threatened me. Amaya says he told in anger, we all know he is good, Mantu is his best friend, even he said Rama is good, if he praised Rama, then he will be good, I trust Mantu. Rachita says fine, I won’t trust anyone, I will go out in fresh air.

Amaya says promise you will take care and come soon. Rachita says yes and leaves. She cries walking on the road and some goons kidnap her. Kaushalya takes care of Rudra. Rudra says he will get fine in few days. Gajanand says Mantu is a goon. Jaz tells Amaya that Rachita did not come. Amaya says she will come. Gajanand says I told you girls should be here for dinner. Sneha asks about Rachita. Amaya says she went for walk. Kaushalya asks whats the need to go out. Sneha asks her to have food, she will call Rachita. Gajanand says we won’t eat till everyone comes.

Rama asks his mum to go home and rest, its late now. She says tomorrow sunrise will bring new colors. He says I won’t bear anything now, go home. She thinks Gajanand this night did not end till now. Rama thinks Rachita’s family have hurt my mum’s heart a lot. Gajanand asks Amaya where did Rachita go. Amaya says she said she wants to walk. He asks could she not go on terrace to have fresh air. Rudra asks is this time to go, I will go and see. Amaya asks him not to worry, she will come.

Kaushalya scolds Amaya. Rachita’s message comes and Rudra reads it, that she is fine, she will come home late, don’t try to contact me. Gajanand scolds them. He asks whats the meaning of such message. Sneha says there will be some reason. Gajanand argues and is worried for Rachita. The goons take Rachita in the car. Gajanand talks to the inspector and asks him to find Rachita. Dinesh asks the men to find Rachita. Amaya says why are you doing this, Rachita will come. Gajanand says this is Banaras, she did not come, it means she should not be there. Sneha cries and Pushpa consoles her.

The men bring Rachita to some dark house and Rudra asks his men did the work get over, great. Dimple thinks the families met and this problem came. She asks Neeti to sleep, she has to go to college. Gajanand says let her be here. Rudra says his men did not find Rachita. Rachita wakes up and sees around. She says whats this place and cries.

She says my phone, and looks for it. She gets her phone and gets scared. Rachita asks is anyone there? She sees the hospital staff and asks which hospital is this. She hears Rama is in same hospital, he is not cooperating with doctors. She thinks Rama has done all this. Kaushalya is angry. Pushpa consoles Sneha. Jaz asks Gajanand to have water. Amaya hears some sound and goes to see. She gets an envelop and checks it. She gets pics of Rama and Rachita, and gets shocked.

Gajanand asks Sneha to ask her. Rachita says she swears she did not do this. Amaya asks Sneha to tell Gajanand the truth.

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