Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 17th August 2015 Written Episode

Dhruv is taking out his things at the airport when Mukti and Cabir come to the airport and tell Dhruv that there is no opening at Dubai and that this is all the plan of Harshad but Dhruv refuses to accept this Cabir then says that the Manager will come and everything will be made clear and when he comes Mukti leaves.
Mukti calls Harshad but he gets scared that how did she came to know about him and Nyonika. He gets confused and leaves the phone Mukti then texts him and thinks that if he did not pick up the call then everything will be for nothing and finally when he picks up she tells him that Aaliya says that she will only join the fab5 if HArshad talks to her and then she opens up a conversation with Cabir where the Manager talks to him and Dhruv finds out about the false plot against him. Mukti and Cabir try to calm and explain everythng to him but he blames the fab5 and leaves.
Manik and Nandhani are in the room and Manik is confused about why Cabir and Mukti have not called and he says that they were his last choice to bring back the fab5 but they even have not been in touch with him and then Nandhani calms him when Manik apologizes about what she had seen the previous night. He then rests on her lap and goes to sleep at which point Nandhani picks up his phone and sees the Fab5 group. Nyonika is standing at the door and is angry to see Manik resting on NAndhani’s lap.
Mukti calls Cabir and says that she doesnot believe that the fab5 is broken and that they will not be able to perform in the fab5. Mukti says that she might not be able to come because she cannot see Manik broken but Cabir tells her that she has to come Mukti also says that she wished that she could rewind the time and Cabir saying that it is not possible agrees to it. Mukti says that she is scared and that they must stop MAnik so that they donot have to face the embracement but Cabir says that he will go to support his friend and they both cry after which Mukti puts his phone down.
Naviya comes and sits down with Cabir and they both are talking and she says that he has to perform but he says that the fab5 will not perform. Naviya says that he does not want her to perform then she will not but Cabir says that if the fab5 is not performing then he wants her to perform and win. Navya prays that the fab5 come back tomorrow and her friend take part in the talent hunt.
Harshad goes to Mukti and says that two years ago when they had a break up it was because of Nyonika and what she made him do and after two years she made him do the same thing. Mukti hearing this gets angry and leaves without listening to Harshad.
Nandhani is in the collage and constantly trying to call Manik but h doesnot answer then she finally finds him and sees him depressed and asks what the matter is then he says that he did not though of performing on the stage without the fab5 then a fan comes and wishes him luck after which Nandani hugs him.

Precap: Harshad is o the stage and Aaliya points out that it is their song and says that what are they going to do without Dhruv

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