Reporters 17th August 2015 Written Episode

Shreya requests Ananya to be her friend. Ananya starts still. Shreya asks her to take Kabeer’s permission. Ananya says she does not need his permission. Shreya says the kabeer she knows would definitely react, but she does not know how he is know after meeting Ananya. Ananya sits silently even then. Shreya acts as getting sad. Ananya accepts her friend request. Shreya gives fake smile.

Ronnie sees Ananya coming out of Shreya’s cabin and asks where was she. She changes topic and congratulating him for becoming manav’s serial’s producer. She then asks what he has thought about today’s episode. He says manav is covering old age home and hopes he focuses on show. She says he is good, but loses focus easily. He nods yes. She says she gave kabeer her like and dislike list. He says she did a big mistake and says he would not have done that. She asks what to do now. He asks her not to repeat silly mistakes.

Malvika enters Kabeer’s cabin and asks why did he insult her by not making her manav’s serial’s producer and asks if he is taking her revenge thinking she sent his and Ananya’s intimate pics. He says even he would have reacted same if he was culprit and kept quiet if he was not. She asks if he is openly alleging her. He says yes and even knows she stole Ananya’s story clip. He continues that he will know whereabouts of his colleagues first before joining any new company and asks what if he had asked peon to search her office in front of everyone and says he has moved ahead and wants also her to focus on work and stop playing politics. He says Ronnie deserves promotion and he even spoke to KL about it. She leaves angrily.

Malvika then enters Manav’s cabin and tries to lure him with her witty sugar-coated lines. He says he is impressed and asks her to get go out as he is working on the new show’s detail and don’t want to do any mistake. She says he is trying to impress Shreya. He says he is trying to prove himself and says she has been cornered now and cannot help him, so he is trying to prove his competency. She fumes and leaves. He murmurs that he is a chameleon and changes colors for his benefit and thinks he will work carefully and once he gets editor-in-chief designation, he will take care of Kabeer and his girlfriend.

Kabeer calls Ananya to his cabin and starts reading her like and dislike list. She apologizes him and says it was a very stupid idea. He says it was stupid and says during yesterdays’s dinner, he knew what Shreya likes but did not what Ananya likes. He says what difference it makes knowing each other’s habits and if she wants to byheart list he will. She apologizes again. He says if we stay together, we will know our likes and dislikes, we both will try to convince each other, then says he will. She smiles. He says walls are looking at her smile and only he has right to see her smile. She smiles more.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: When 2 people are in love, both have to try to keep each other happy, but if 1 person is angry, then other person needs to convince his partner.

Precap: Ananya tells Richa that Shreya is very good and keeping everyone happy at office. Richa says even she thinks same, but is confused why her and kabeer’s divorce happened..

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