Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya turning to see… A flower board comes in between and she misses to see Sooraj and Rathi family. She sees Lalima sang S…. and goes to see. The man arranges the flowers to make Sooraj’s name. Chandu asks what is she seeing. She does not see Sooraj’s name. She says someone is getting married. She sees Lokesh giving sweets about his sister’s marriage. She sees Pushkar sweet shop and understands Lalima’s marriage, who was doing Parvati’s role. She thinks she did so much to stop her from doing that role and smiles. She thinks the neighbors can be here and identify me, and hides her face. Lokesh gives sweets to her and Chandu. Chandu asks about his brother in law. Lokesh praises Sooraj and is about to say the name. A guy calls him and he leaves. Chandu asks her to get ready and talks to his men.

Zakir tells Bharat its strange that they made him faint and then shifted him to another truck, it means someone helped him, that drama woman, when he got conscious, his hand had a jaggery sweet, and those drama group was going to Raipur. Bharat says jaggery, where is it. Zakir says I kept this safe and gives him. Bharat takes it and says we will trace the truck, enjoy your holiday. Zakir says I can’t go on holiday. Bharat asks do you trust me. Zakir says yes. Bharat says leave it on me, enjoy your holidays. Zakir leaves.

Bharat checks the laddoo and gets Sandhya’e message, about Chris coming to Jaipur, not Raipur. He thinks Zakir fell in Garjana’s hands, where Sandhya saved him and sent this message, now we have to go Jaipur, well done Sandhya. Chandu says that police officer can’t reach us, I have sent that truck to Raipur, police can’t get us, no one can leave Garjana’s masterplan.

Sandhya and Lalima change clothes in adjacent washrooms. Lalima’s bangle falls and Sandhya sees it. She thinks its new bride’s bangle, and its Lalima, I feel connected to her, maybe because she is from Pushkar, where my family lives. She says listen, your bangle fell here and passes it to her. She does not see Sooraj’s name in her mehendi. Sandhya talks to her and asks her to tie more knots, so that her husband does not win. Lalima says even her husband’s win is her win, I don’t like knots. Sandhya says love opens all knots, congrats for marriage, and wishes her marriage happens without any problem. Lalima asks her name. Sandhya says you called me Didi, this is the best name, think a sister gave best wishes to another sister.

Sandhya comes out and Chandu keeps an eye on her. She turns and her wet hair water drops falls on Sooraj’s face, who is outside the window. He says Sandhya….she has come…. She thinks how to contact Bharat. Chandu brushes his teeth and goes. She goes to the room. He goes there and finds the door shut. Bhabho and everyone see him and ask what happened, what is he doing here. Sooraj says Sandhya has come. They all get shocked. He says she wore Bengali saree, like she has worn for the photo, I think she wore it for 15th august function, I have seen her, she is in this room, she was drying her wear hair, I saw her.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that Sooraj is seeing his imaginative wife. Bhabho stops him from knocking the door. Babasa says it may be someone else. Sooraj says I have seen her, and tells Ved that Sandhya is looking very beautiful, you will be happy seeing her new look. Bhabho says there will be many girls here, and stops him. She knocks the door. Sandhya says did Shekhar get ready so soon. She opens the door. They all see someone else. Bharat and Sandhya look from the window. FB shows Bharat stopping Sandhya from opening the door. He dresses in saree and shows his face. She cries seeing Bhabho, Sooraj, Ved and everyone. Bharat sends the other lady to open the door. Bhabho tells Sooraj to come. Sooraj says I have seen Sandhya, she was in room. She cries seeing him. They take Sooraj along and leave.

Sandhya cries. Bharat consoles her. She says Sooraj, Ved, my family, I want to hug them once, let me meet Sooraj once, they are here. He says I know, I can’t permit you, get to your senses, you are on mission, small mistake can fail this mission, your aim is Chandu, don’t fall weak by any emotions. He gives her a mic and says all the best, today country’s security in on your shoulder, take care. He leaves. She says she will catch Chandu today, she will do her mission and go back to her family.

Chandu is stopped by police. Bhabho and Meenakshi see some breaking news on tv..

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