Manmarziyan 17th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika coming office. Samrat talks to Piyali and says it was not right decision to get Arjun in office. She says Sam has to face it, forgetting is not a solution. She tells about Radhika, Arjun and Nandini. He says if Radhika was right.. She asks really, why will Arjun and Nandini ruin Sam? He recalls the past and says Nandini… She says she is so good, she was crying for Sam, she loves Sam, Radhika created the problems, its good she is out of Sam’s life.

Neil comes to Radhika and asks what is she doing here. Radhika says I still work here. He says you know everyone here… She says I know they hate me. He asks why did she come. She says I came for the reason I got married. Piyali comes to her and asks you here? How dare you come here? Sam comes there. Radhika says I have to get courage, my three months are still there, its my contract with birdsong. Arjun comes and looks on. Piyali asks really? Your contract ended when you broke Sam’s trust. Radhika says Arjun also broke her heart, then why did his contract not end? Radhika says you have to give one month notice period before ending the contract.

Piyali says throw the money on her face and kick her out, you are fired Radhika. Sam says no mom, let her work, remember what I said, relations are not line written on the stones, its good you came to erase it I will see till when will you save your Arjun Sir, till when will you be between us? Radhika says I was always between you both, I did not move that time and does not have wish to move this time. They leave. Neil says you may be thinking what everyone thinks about you, I don’t know why you did this, I just know you can’t do wrong with anyone, there is some reason, tell me.

Radhika says there is nothing, its all infront of everyone. He says the the thing that happen is not seen always, and its not true whats seen, tell me. Radhika is called by Sam. Neil asks her not to go. She signs him and goes. Radhika comes to Sam. Sam asks her to come. She says you like to take my things, you took my love, my fate, then why not the marriage gifts, think this is yours, like you think Arjun is yours, it won’t be for long. She shows the gifts. She says its teapot, it will look good when you make the tea for Arjun, have it. She breaks it and says sorry, it slipped, like Arjun’s hand slipped off my hand, you remember… Neil and everyone come and look on.

She shows the nighty and says this is interesting, Rishikesh’s bahenji, will you do this? Ofcourse you will, if you can snatch anyone’s to be husband, why can’t you do this. Arjun comes there and sees them. Sam shows the third gift, a Shawl. She says it will be in use in cold cozy nights. She shows fourth gift, towels, for wiping her tears and throws on Radhika. She asks does she not want this. Radhika gets teary eyed. Sam shows a collage and asks what will she do with this, its Sam and Arjun’s moments captured. She says this can’t be yours. She asks her to save her tears, she has to cry more, did she think she will be free after stabbing her heart. She says one side is Arjun and other side is you, and this broken pieces in between is my broken heart, your way will go through this, the more you go close to Arjun, this will hurt me.

She asks her not to cry, this towel is to wipe your tears. Arjun comes to them. He asks Radhika to come. Sam says oh your husband is here. He holds Radhika’s hand and takes her. Samrat comes there and is shocked seeing this. Sam goes to washroom and cries. Neil comes to her. She wipes her tears and asks what is he seeing. Neil says drama queen can get herself humiliated so well. Arjun asks Radhika who told you to get herself humiliated. Radhika asks what does this matter to you.

Sam says you decide today, you are on her side or mine? Neil says your sense is still in your knees, make your clothes right, pull it up, I m getting distracted, else I don’t know whose side to take. She says its fine. He says respect is when the clothes are on right place, and leaves.

Radhika wipes her tears. She sees Arjun upset. She asks did he get pity on her while hating her, it means its human inside this stone. He asks what nonsense, where did you learn this, nothing like that. She says its like this, else why do you come to wipe my tears when I cry. She gets close to him and asks why do you care seeing my tears, you are not stone hearted, you are not bad. He says I m very bad. She says I have seen it. He asks will she see it, she has not seen it, tell me. He goes close to her and she moves back. He says when you don’t have courage to face the tiger, you should not awaken him from sleep. He leaves.

Sam says Radhika I know the truth, I got your mail, you felt you can hide such a big thing from me. Radhika looks on stunned.

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