Tere Sheher Mein 17th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya being shocked seeing Rachita and Rama’s pics and reading a letter. She says it will be problem if they see it and hides. Rudra comes and asks what is she hiding. He tells everyone. Dinesh sees it and Rudra asks Gajanand not to see it. Gajanand gets shocked seeing it. Sneha asks is Rachita fine. He throws the pics. Sneha cries seeing the pics. Everyone is shocked seeing Rachita and Rama’s intimate pic. Dinesh reads the letter that Banaras will see this pic tomorrow on hoardings, walls and newspapers.

Kaushalya asks who is doing this, who will marry Rachita and acts like fainting. Rudra makes her drink water. Rachita comes home. They all look at her. Sneha slaps her and asks where did she go. She asks did she give her these values, she is coming home at 4am. Rachita says she went for walk, she does not remember anything, she woke up in hospital. Sneha asks her to leave. Amaya says she will charge the phone. Rachita says I came safe, why are you reacting like this. Gajanand says nothing is fine here, you can tell what happened.

Rachita says tell me what happened. Gajanand says they are ashamed of her, she ruined their respect, see your mum. Amaya says why is it not getting on, I have to know whose call or message was last. Rachita asks what did I do, I went for walk, ask Amaya. Gajanand says we are with you, I will not let your and my family’s respect get ruined, but you have to say the truth, tell us what happened. She says I told you, I don’t remember anything.

Kaushalya says she is being innocent and shows the pics. Rachita is shocked. Gajanand asks whats this. Rachita says I did not do this, trust me, someone is trying to defame me. He says maybe you are saying true, that these pics are taken without your knowledge. He says you went to meet Rama. She says no, I went for the walk. Rudra asks Amaya to give the phone. He says last all was Rama’s call for long duration. Amaya says I was with Rachita when he called, Rachita scolded him, why will she meet him.

Gajanand says I m seeing you both are fooling the family. You knew where she went, so she has messaged just you. Rachita asks what sms, I did not send it. Gajanand asks how much will you lie. Rachita checks sent message and says I did not do this, my phone was off, battery was removed. Gajanand asks Sneha does she trust Rachita?I warned you to take care of yourself and your daughters, see the result now, where your blind faith got you.

Rachita asks Sneha does she trust her, say something. Gajanand asks what will she say, you broke her trust, she is ashamed. Rachita asks Sneha to trust her. Amaya asks Sneha to tell Nana ji that her heart knows the truth. Sneha cries. She hugs Rachita and says I trust Rachita, my daughters will never lie, my values are not so weak. He says but she went to meet Rama, you taught them everything, not taught to accept their mistake. Sneha says we have to find who has done this, someone wants to defame Rachita and us. Rachita says I don’t care what anyone thinks, I just know you trusted me, my mum trusts my truth. She cries and runs. Sneha says Rachita is not lying, trust her.

He says Rachita made fun of me, stop it Sneha, are they just your daughters, are they nothing to me, I m not their enemy. She says give them some time, try to understand them, you will also trust them. He says I don’t have time Sneha, this pics will be everywhere in morning, we will lose respect, I can’t bear this in this age. They all leave. Kripa says everything will be fine, don’t worry Sneha.

Pushpa takes Gajanand to Sneha. Rudra says whats this new drama. She says Sneha I know this should have not happened, I know Gajanand is sad but Snhea is more dad, I m a mum and knows her pain. She says I don’t know what to do, but end this matter here for my sake. She leaves. Rudra hides and hears them. Rachita cries. Amaya hugs her. Amaya says we have to find who did this. Rachita says Rama did this, he threatened me. Amaya says I m sure he can’t do this. Mantu has said this that Rama is nice.

Rachita asks what Mantu, will he say the truth. Amaya says I will call Rama and ask. Rachita says no, he will lie, the truth is I was taken without my wish.

Gajanand tells Sneha that they have to decide. Sneha asks what. Gajanand says there is one way to save Rachita’s respect.

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