Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sharad asking Yuvraaj to come along to meet friends. Yuvraaj refuses and leaves. Sharad smiles. Soumya waits at city hospital and says where is Yuvraaj. She messages Sharad to ask. Sharad sees Yuvraaj leaving and asks him where is he going. Yuvraaj says I m going to take mum’s medicines. Pratima asks where is Yuvraaj. Sharad tells Pratima why is she talking slow. She says I think Dadi is planning something, I want to tell him to meet Suhani. He says he went to buy your medicines. She says I did not ask him to get any medicines. Sharad laughs and says it means he went to the place where he should go. He replies Soumya that Yuvraaj left. She gets glad.

Suhani comes there for Pankaj’s checkup. Soumya gets tensed seeing her and Yuvraaj. She lies that she forgot the prescription and sends her. Rohan tells Lata that he will leave before Suhani scolds him. Lata says no, you won’t go, we will decide who will stay here, he has saved Pankaj. Rohan says no, I don’t want to become burden. Lata says no, Suhani knows what she has to do. Rohan thanks her. Dadi calls him and he says he helped Pankaj, he will stay here as Lata is insisting. Dadi smiles and looks at the men she has sent to Suhani’s home. She says its good Rohan, you are smart and take decisions for your life.

Soumya asks Yuvraaj why did he come here, Suhani is inside, does he care for her. He says I did a mistake. She says I called you by excuse here, I wanted to know you care for Suhani for not. He says it means you and Sharad. She says ya, can we sit and have a talk. Rohan jokes with Bhavna and they have a laugh. Lata looks on and smiles seeing Rohan fitting in their family. Suhani and Pankaj come home. Pankaj says he is fine. Suhani looks at Rohan. Suhani says doctor said dad is fine and asked him not to think much, ups and down happen. Rohan says he got happy by her lecture. Suhani asks did he get a room, and asks him to leave.

Lata says he has saved Pankaj today. Soumya asks Yuvraaj to do something, Suhani knows you don’t love her, even then she kept the marriage with a smile. Yuvraaj says its not easy for me. She asks him to make it easy. He asks her what to do. She says you both are my good friends, so I m doing this, Suhani loves you and your family a lot, she did a lot for you all, she has stood by you always, when her family was insulted, she did not bear. He says she decided to leave after Pratima came. She asks why did you not stop her. He says how could I, when she left that… She says no, your relation is weak, it will end and this time you have to win her trust, she has shown your importance, you have to show she is imp. He asks why, when she does not have to keep this relation, she has returned all the items having memories to me, she has sent our marriage CD, film tickets, everything.

She gets shocked and recalls Rags and Menka. He asks does she have answer for this. She says yes, I have an answer, the girl who has collected those memories, why will she return it, she has kept all that for her, why will she give her lovely moments to you, I know you might have felt bad, trust me, its misunderstanding, its not like its seen, its time you should know everything. He says I know this.

She says Suhani never hurts anyone, Dadi provoked her and she reacted such, you know Dadi does not like her. He says I know, so I always supported Suhani going against Dadi, what she did with me.. She says come on Yuvraaj, if she answered, there will be some reason. He says I know the reason, come with me. He says I wanted to check with Suhani, and know why did she do this. He says I wanted to ask her about this papers. She asks what papers. He shows divorce papers and says Suhani has signed on this and sent to me. She asks what and checks it.

She says its all an lie, this can’t happen. He asks her to check her sign. She says why will she do this. He says she is fed up of this marriage. She asks and you…. You don’t want to break this relation right? She says I can see on your face that you want to live with Suhani. He says it does not matter now, as she made her mind, she has kept the papers in my room on beauty contest day. She says what, its wrong. He says its signed by her. She says Suhani was saying about your first anniversary, friendship and wanted to know why are you unhappy. He asks what. She says Suhani wants to unite with you.

He says she does not sign any paper without reading, how did she sign divorce papers. She says give me one day, I will prove to you that its all a misunderstanding. He says fine, but on one condition, Pratima should not know this, don’t tell this to Sharad. She says fine, I promise, but when I call you to show proof, you will come. He agrees.

Soumya hears Dadi talking to Rohan. Dadi asks Rohan to meet her. Sharad says I think Dadi is talking to Rohan, we will follow her to know the truth. Dadi sees Soumya there.

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