Sasuraal Simar Ka 18th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mohini says to Sunanda you mixed too much ashes in the tea, my head hurts. Sunanda says why would I do that? Mohini says are you dazed? We are witches we drink ashes. Sunanda says did any of you mix something? Amar recalls putting drops in her tea. Sujata says we can’t do any such thing. Mohini says yes you can’t go against me. But there is one person who can do this. Simar. Jhanvi says simar didn’t come here at all. The servant serves the food. Mohini says simar’s family is in problem, she can’t stay away from this house. She says stop you. There is only you in this house who covers her face. Okay i know you have issues with men but you can show me at least. Come let me see your face. Everyone is scared. Mohini is about to take her cloth from face off. Jhanvi says do you confuse her with simar? She makes non-veg. Simar could never make non-veg. And she is from village they cover their faces. Mohini says nobody does that these days and she is not in village these days. Let me see her face. Mohini takes the cloth off her face. Its some other lady. Amar says in her heart where is simar? The other woman comes in and says how dare you to take her cloth off. Mohini says don’t mess with me. Sunanda says mohini leave them don’t mess with these little people. and we have to eat good food. Mohini goes to her room.

The woman says she wont live here. Sunanda says my daughter had doubts. Sunanda says you can take money. She says don’t lure me. The daughter in law says she is doing this for double money. Go from here, i want to work here. Sunanda says wow you scolded at your mother in law. Now just stay here and make good food, i will multiply your wage. The girl says no please teach me some magic, i know you are witch. I will do all your work. I wont ask for money, people have done so bad to me i have to seek revenge. Please teach me. Sunanda says in heart the deal is good she will do all my work and i will teach her some tricks. Sunanda says i will talk to mohini about this. In return, you have to make good food. Sunanda leaves. Simar comes in.

Sunanda comes to mohini and tells her about the girl. She says she can be in our team. you should make her your apprentice. She will do little things for us. Mohini says you are tired and you don’t want to work. thats the thing. And what are you saying? Everyone can’t be a witch, you should say no to her. Sunanda says this will increase our strengths. Amar is overhearing them. Mohini says since you are my mom i am ready to make her my apprentice but i will test her. Sunanada says yes sure do. She is of great benefit for us.

Amar goes to simar and tells her that they are ready but they will take some test. Simar says what test? Amar says i dont know. Sunanda calls her in. Amar says all the best. Sunanda says to her if you pass mohini’s test she will teach you. she is a human soon she will be in our team. Sunanda takes simar with her. Sujata says what is all this? When simar came home.We pretended not to recognize her and now she has to do this. Why is all this happenening? I am sure that my simar will take them out of those pots.
Mohini takes one of the pots and says i will teach you how to sacrifice first. It will be this young girl. Simar is dazed. Mohini says you brought her to be my apprentice. She is silent after listening about sacrifice. Simar says no give me a chance i will do ask you ask. mohini says get ready for pooja tonight. Simar says in heart i wont let anything happen to you sanju.

Precap-Simar says to amar, we have to save sanju. Simar says let her do what she has to. I will save sanju tonight. .

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