Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 18th August 2015 Written Episode

Nandhani says that Manik will perform on the stage for the fab5 and if they are not here so he can perform for them and suddenly Naviya calls Nandhani and when she is about to leave MAnik pulls her closer and says to go as her friends need her and also asks her to make him proud. Then Nandhani tells him to smile and leaves then she sees Naviya who is restless and when Nandhani asks her she says that her team mates have disturbed her more and says that Aryaman has not been receiving her calls and she says that did Nandhani talked to him at which nandhani says that she did last night and they are talking when Aryaman comes and talks to Nandhni and says that he was wrong and says sorry to her and also tells her that he will also ask Manik for forgiveness. Naviya pulls something from the bag and makes both of them eat it and then prays to the Mata.
Dhruv is walking and says a bunch of students looking at a board. He stops there and as soon as they see him they come and confirm if he is the member of thefb5 and request him to get them an autograph of Manik when he hears this he gets angry and leaves but does not go that far and is just outside the door where he hears the students saying that the friendship of fab5 will never be broken.
Nandhani is walking and she prays that she be shown the signs that her prays are listened and suddenly bumps into a student with a massage written on his shirt and seeing this she leaves with full excitement.
Mukti and Cabir are walking and Mukti sees Dhruv and asks Cabir that he back but Cabir says that he is not sure because Dhruv never goes anywhere without his Guitar and today he has no guitar so he does not know that did Dhruv came to join the fab5 or see it broken but Mukti disagrees with him and says that he is their friend and will come back but just then he gets up and leaves. Mukti seeing this says that what has happened to them that they cannot even recognize their friends on this Cabir sys that he is with her and they were with Manik on much success and so will be with him on this failure.
Talent hunt begins and the host introduces the principal and the Manager of radio o2 and says that there are no judges and the audience has to vote on this the audience yells fab5 fab5 Nyonika gets angry. The singer comes and sings a beautiful song and after this he gives a motivational speech and then the Talent hunt begins with the first performance. Naviya and the team prepare for their performance.
Nandhani is scared and Cabir tells Manik to go and make her comfortable so that they y win even if the fab5 is not able to. Manik goes there and gives them hope then Aryaman comes and says to Manik that the is sorry and Manik shakes hands with him and they both end that rivalry Cabir and Mukti also come and they all give them confidence.

Precap: Nandhani and the group is performing and the fab5 s very happy to hear them but when Harshad comes and performs they realize that it is their song and Aaliya is also there and says that what will they do without Dhruv..

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