Reporters 18th August 2015 Written Episode

Ronnie gets nervous regarding his new show and tells Richa that Malvika will blame him if show goes wrong. Richa asks him to relax as he is showing his experience and let Malvika sit and burn in jealousy.

Manav starts his new 7 p.m. show Manav se manavta tak and describes about the problems old age people face. He introduces people whom he will interview, NGO owner and film producer. He asks producer why he chose old age home theme for his new film. He says he wants to show what old people face. Manav plays film’s clip in which an old lady describes how her son vandalized her away from city. Whole KKN staff cries seeing it.

Kabeer congratulates Ronnie after the show. Ananya asks how can anyone vandalize their mother like this, even after many years of independence, mothers are facing such a big problem in this country. Ronnie gives his show details and asks her to read it. Ronnie comes out of news room. Khalid and Shreya congratulate him. Kabeer says Ronnie and Manav took new show to new level and channels TRP will definitely increase. He asks them to wait and watch what he will do in his 9 p.m. show.

Kabeer starts his news and briefs about Manav and Ronnie’s show and says an old woman was shown whose son vandalized her and our senior reporter Ananya has reached old lady’s house and is interviewing her son. Son and his wife apologize for their mistake and promise that they will bring back their mother home. Kabeer then continues that parents are not burden to children and when children can take care of many children with a smile, why can’t many children take care of 2 parents. We will be celebrate 69th independence day, but still are bound with our mistakes.

Ananya scolds her brother Arav for bunking college. Mom says he is a child and is getting good marks, so she should stop shouting at him. She says she wants to get him better marks. Mom asks her to sign off and smiles. Ananya praises Shreya that she is helping everyone in office and giving them space. Mom says she is right, but what must have happened that she and Kabeer divorced. Ananya changes topic and asks her to take party from Ronnie. Ronnie calls mom and she starts speaking to him. Ananya silently slips off. Mom asks Arav if Ananya left. He says must be.

A man returns baby’s mobile and starts chatting with her. Ananya sees that and thinks this new man is a problem for Sunny, so she should check with Baby who he is. She says a film production guy who gives her new. Ananya asks if he is her boyfriend. Baby says she does not have time for that. Ananya asks even then she can describe her dream man. Baby starts describing…

Precap: Ananya’s mom comes to KKN. Shreya asks her to sit until Ananya comes. Mom says it is okay. Shreya says she is Ananya’s friend now and says she called her aunty as she sees her mother in her.

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