Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bharat talking to Sandhya. Chandu tells his men about his plan to meet Chris. He says Himanshu met Chris before, and now I will meet him, this will give peace to Himanshu’s soul. Bharat gives her a mic and says all the best, today country’s security in on your shoulder, take care. He leaves. She says she will catch Chandu today, she will do her mission and go back to her family. She says she will tell everyone that she is alive and hug her family. Bhabho and Meenakshi see the news and get glad seeing the good changes in the city, with power units launching in the city.

Bhabho says she will go and meet Lokesh and asks Meenakshi to take care of Sooraj. Meenakshi says I will keep an eye on him. Bhabho leaves. Meenakshi thinks she has to change this wet wood sticks with dry ones, she can’t let Sooraj and Lalima marry. Chandu and Sandhya are at the hotel and she thinks its tight security. The constable says its big inauguration of power unit launch, big minister is coming. Chandu says they are with me and this lady too. She cross the security and proceed.

Chandu thinks he will meet Chris and this will be last independence day celebrated today. Meenakshi changes the sticks and smiles. She says she just not like Lalima with Sooraj, I like Sandhya with him, so he should be with Sandhya in his imagination, I will get my 5 lakhs. Bharat is there as a marketing agent of some product and talks to a man. Sandhya sees him and leaves. Bharat asks Chandu about his name, email and number. Chandu says my name is Shekhar, I have drama group with me, no mail id or number, I m going. They get the clothes.

Sandhya gets the dress. She thinks why did the dress get changed, this was not decided. Chandu comes to her and asks what happened. She asks about the dress, this is not the one I prepared in rehearsals. The man says they got this dress, as its given by the big program one. Shekhar asks her to wear this. She thinks this is Chandu’s plan, it means he will be using these dresses change too, but how.

Ved makes Soorja ready. Bhabho smiles seeing them. She asks him to fix this broach to Sooraj’s sherwani. Ved shouts not me. Sooraj asks why, this is your mum’s favm hold this Ved cries seeing it. Ved fixes the broach to Sooraj’s sherwani. Sooraj says no father would get this chance to ask his son that how is he looking, and asks Ved how is he looking. Ved says you look like a prince, your dress is very good. He cries. Sooraj says tell your mum, when your mum comes, she will look a princess, beautiful and different. He asks him why is he crying. He says your mum and dad are marrying, don’t get sad, its day to celebrate, and hugs him.

The function starts and lady announces about constant electricity and power unites in Jaipur and nearby areas. She requests the minister to come on stage and say few words. Sandhya looks on. The minister talks about the power units, and gives his speech. Everyone clap. He says we promise to fight against violence and we will fight the enemies of our society, Jai Hind. The lady thanks him for his speech and calls the drama group for the play. Sandhya thinks she has to find Chandu.

The group performs on the song Sabke aage honge Hindustani……….. Sandhya raises the indian flag. Everyone clap for the act. Sandhya thinks Chandu is not here, it means he is part of this drama group. Chandu hides his face behind the mask. Sandhya runs to get him. Bhabho looks at Sooraj, and Lalima is brought there by Meenakshi and Lokesh. Meenakshi makes her sit beside Sooraj. Sooraj smiles. Lalima’s face is covered by ghunghat and he feels its Sandhya.

Sooraj and Lalima sit for the marriage. Sandhya is finding Chandu. The power goes and all get look on. Sandhya gets shocked seeing…..

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