Swaragini 18th August 2015 Written Episode

The neighbors asks Swara to leave from the Baadi. Shekhar says Swara shall leave this Baadi and accepts Neighbors sayings. Swara agrees to go from Baadi and tells Sumi that she will go to Kaka’s house, Mumbai. The neighbors thank her for accepting their demand. Dadi says she has taken a right decision for first time. Swara says it will be a good change for her. Dida asks Sumi to make arrangements for Swara’s leaving. Ragini calls Swara and asks her to come to Police station to free her husband. She says why my husband shall be punished. Swara asks her to come. They come to the Police station. Swara signs on the papers and takes back the complaint. Laksh comes out of lock up. Swara apologizes to him on Dida’s behalf. Laksh asks Ragini to come. Ragini tells him that she wants to talk to Swara. Laksh says he will wait for her outside.

Ragini thanks Swara, and says it is because you are leaving from here. She says this change will be good for you and me. You have taken a good decision. May be I can move on with Laksh towards a happy marriage. Swara says you meant about my Mumbai trip. Ragini says I couldn’t forget that you are my sister. Swara says you means that after whatever you have done to us. She says you are really innocent, I am not going anywhere. My parents stay here, and I will not go anywhere. She says something is going to happen which will take away your sleep, and it is a surprise. Ragini looks on shocked.

Swara calls Ragini and asks her to turn and see. Ragini turns and looks at Swara in her balcony. Swara says why there is a wall between them. She asks her to unite her parents and become Swaragini again. She asks will you unite our parents, and asks her to reply? Ragini disconnects the call and closes the door refusing her words.

Dida asks Swara if she is sure to go with the planning. Swara says they don’t have any other option. She feels sad that she has to hide her plan with Sumi. Dida asks her not to feel bad and says she will convince Sumi. Swara says she will not let her parents suffer because of Ragini. Dida says it is 4 pm now, and asks her to start her work. Swara asks her to wish her luck. Sumi tells her that she talked to Kaka and he will pick her from airport. She says they will stay together once everything gets fine. Swara says she is doing this for them. Sumi asks did you take print out of the ticket. Swara hugs her and says sorry.

Sumi asks why? Swara says as I am leaving you. Dida says you have agreed to neighbors sayings. Sumi says I would have also come with you. Swara says I am going to miss you. Sumi asks her to go, and says she will also come to her. Swara hugs her again and tells bye. She is leaving from Baadi and says bye to Ragini. She takes her stuff and starts walking. Annapurna, Sujata and Parineeta come there, followed by Laksh.. Laksh looks at her and turns his face. Swara goes to him and asks to promise that he will forget her from his mind and heart.

Annapurna asks Laksh to come. Laksh says you have a big misunderstanding, I just hate you. Swara says hatredness is a strong feeling than love, and leaves a mark on the person. She says until I stay in your heart even in the form of hatred, Ragini can’t make her place. She asks him to give place to Ragini in his heart. She tells that she is leaving for forever and tells bye. Annapurna asks Laksh to come. Laksh sees her going with her baggage and stands helpless. Annapurna asks him to come. Dadi asks Ragini to stop thinking about Swara. She asks her to smile. Ragini thinks about Swara’s words that something is going to happen in her life.

Swara and Sanskar come to the Baadi wearing garlands. Swara calls Sumi. Everyone turns and looks on shockingly. Laksh holds Swara and asks is this your new trick? Sanskar asks Laksh to move away, and tells that Swara is his wife now. Laksh is shocked. Swara asks Ragini, if she will not give her best wishes on her marriage.

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