Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 18th August 2015 Written Episode

Mala was serving breakfast. Chaitali brings Ritesh out saying the jeweler is coming. The jeweler show his jewellery to Ritesh and Chaitali. He offers a set to Ritesh for his mother, Chaitali faints listening maa for herself. Ritesh asks the jeweler to leave and takes Chaitali to hospital. Amba complains her baba for not buying her any gift for Teej. He offers her to go market now, Amba takes Lakshmi as well. Ritika watches this and says everyone is leaving the house.

Ranveer comes to room to Ishaani and asks why she called him home. Ishaani says that he has always been her friend and fulfilled all her desires, now she wants to do this for him. She hands him a blank chit and asks him to write his three desires on them. Ranveer gets lost into Shekhar’s words in his office that day, he had told Ranveer that only he can bring Ishaani’s memory back. Ishaani asks Ranveer if he doesn’t know what his desires are. Ranveer sits on the bed and writes the chits as Ishaani waits. Ranveer writes Stars, Dance, and Pottery. Ranveer says he wants to go back to their childhood, when they used to count stars from the roof of servant quarters, they used to dance and also made the shapes of clouds. He takes Ishaani upstairs then. Ritika is curt why RV came home so soon, she calls the killer to tell him Ishaani is on the roof and he has to kill her there.

On the roof, Ranveer spreads a bed cover on the floor. Both lay on the floor, Ranveer remembers that he always liked the sky from behind the clothes, but she always disliked. She asked him to remove the clothes but then she didn’t like the sky, so he used to put a transparent cloth. Ishaani asks if she teased him a lot, Ranveer says she did but he was happy he used to read her heart out.

Ritika calls the murderer inside, she shows him the way to go to roof. She tells him that RV is also with him, nothing should happen to him. She further tells him to wait if someone comes there, she will give him a signal.

On the roof, Ishaani asks Ranveer if he knows any story about Chanda (moon). Ranveer smiles and tells her to say Chanda Mama, and give some respect. Both smiles. The shooter takes aim, Ranveer sits up and covers Ishaani. He stands up and says she has changed a lot. Ishaani also stands up, but Ranveer covered her. Ranveer reminds Ishaani that she always used to tell her the stories while watching the clouds. He also reminds her she once found an injured dog. She recalls that Baa didn’t let her keep it and she asked him to take care of it. Ishaani says to Ranveer he has always taken great care of her. Ranveer thinks because Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi hai. Both share an eye lock.

Mala was in the hall, Ritika shouts at her that she had asked her to work in the outhouse and supervise the workers there. She tells Mala to go there. Ritika thinks that now no one is in the house, she can give a signal to shooter to kill Ishaani. The shooter calls Ritika and says she didn’t signal and the man is also covering Ishaani again and again. Ritika tells him no one is in the house, he can shoot Ishaani.

Ranveer and Ishaani takes positions so that Ishaani is exposed. Ishaani says that this is time for his second wish. The shooter had taken aim, Ranveer gets a pain in his leg at once and says whenever she takes the name of dance he has pain in his legs. She steps up on his feet always. Ishaani says it won’t happen again. Ranveer and Ishaani begin to dance, the shooter tries to take an aim again but has to hide again. RV holds Ishaani up, both share moments together when Mala comes upstairs. She turns her face away, says sorry to Ranveer at once feeling shy. She tells Mala that she came to take clothes, Ishaani tells her to take them and when Mala was about to leave Ishaani tells Mala to get potter’s wheel. Mala says she doesn’t know where it is, but Ranveer says it is in the outhouse. Ranveer is happy that Ishaani is happy for his third wish, they get to collect things for it. The shooter takes aim and pulls the trigger.

PRECAP: Ritika deters Chiraag’s mother that she will push her out of the house. The shooter takes Ishaani’s aim and pulls the trigger. Ishaani is about to fell on the floor.

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