Manmarziyan 18th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika coming to Sam. Sam asks did I ask you to sit. She says I got your mail, that you did this to save me and I will understand, but I did not, tell me why did you marry Arjun, to save me from whom, I know the truth, I know why you have done this, you felt you can hide this from me. Radhika says I m sorry Sam, I did not wish to tell you, but… Sam says but you could not live without igniting fire in my life. She tears the paper and says you fell in love with Arjun, you got jealous of me. Arjun looks at the ring. Neil comes to him and asks is he busy, he wants to talk. Arjun says go ahead.

Neil says you came in Sam’s life, fell n love, broke her heart, and came back in her life again, I did not say anything, then created confusion between Sam and Radhika, your repeat entry has made me impatient, Sam is my life, my best friend, and Radhika is my Chashni, if they both cry because of you, I won’t leave you, better keep your wife happy and stop seeing Sam’s dreams. Arjun asks why, just you want to dream about Sam. Neil smiles and says don’t change the topic, you got married, learn to keep the relation. Sam says I know to snatch my things back, Arjun still loves me, this bangle is the proof.

Radhika says you may have this bangle, but his name sindoor is in maang. They argue. Arjun says marriage is kept where there is truth, fake relation can just have acting. Neil says you kept the drama ring very safe. Arjun removes the ring and it gets stuck. Neil laughs and says love has a specialty, the more you try to get rid of it, it gets stuck, I hope I don’t need to say anything more. Arjun says Arjun still loves me. Radhika asks really, they why does he stay with me in bedroom and wake me from his snores, if he loves you, why does he have this relation with me. Sam smiles and says relations break. Radhika says relations don’t break, its late for you. Sam says get out. Arjun comes out and sees Sam asking Radhika to get out.

Sam looks at him teary eyed. Radhika says this is Arjun’s cabin, so he has right to say this. Sam says okay then and says Arjun I have to discuss imp pitch, I don’t want junior trainees here. Radhika asks how will trainees learn pitch then. Sam says its Arjun’s choice, me or her… Arjun looks at them. He walks to Sam and asks Radhika to go. Radhika gets stunned. He says I want to discuss imp pitch with Sam. Radhika looks at him and leaves.

Radhika recalls Nandini and Arjun’s words. She cries and sees Samrat. Samrat and Radhika talk in the cafe. Samrat asks why did she marry Arjun. She recalls Nandini’s revenge. He asks do you love Arjun. She nods. Samrat says you know whats your problem, you can’t lie convincingly, whats the truth. She says that you don’t want to say. He says please tell me, maybe I can help. Radhika says you can just help me one thing, ask your daughter to stay away from my husband. He asks why should I keep two lovers away, if Arjun and Sam love each other, they should be together. She says Arjun does not love Sam. He asks really, does he love you? Till you don’t tell me the truth, I can’t keep them away. She says Arjun is married. He says I can’t see Sam sad, marriages can’t break, tell me the truth, else I will bless Sam and Arjun, choice is yours.

Samrat asks Radhika what is she hiding, she was Sam’s friend, I regarded you as Sam, I promise to save you from problems. She says its good not to say few things, as lives get ruined. He says what is that matter, please tell me, I know you are hiding something, come on. Nandini comes there and says I told you Radhika, you can’t hide it. Samrat gets shocked seeing her.

Sam eats chocolates and Neil comes to her. He asks what is she doing. She asks what. He says I won’t let this happen, don’t plan against Radhika. She says I have to ruin her, like she broke my heart. Neil says this is not done. She asks is this done what she did with me, she snatched Arjun, now its my turn. He says she married Arjun. She says its her problem. He says you can’t do this. She says you have to support me, lets start the new work with sweets. She leaves.

Samrat asks Nandini what is she doing here. Nandini says her brother and Bhabhi work here, so she has come to talk to Radhika. Samrat leaves. Nandini talks to Radhika and scares her about Sam’s happiness, blackmailing her to keep smiling. She says I know Samrat is hiding and seeing you. Samrat looks at them. Nandini says if he feels there is some problem, he will go to its root, then he will tell Sam, Sam lost her family and friend, if she loses her dad, it will look bad, if Piyali knows everything, it will ruin everything, a small truth can end everything. Radhika smiles. Nandini says I knew you are smart girl, remember your smile has Sam’s happiness. Radhika turns and smiles seeing Samrat. He leaves.

Radhika and Arjun are on the way. Radhika asks Arjun is she going for dinner with Sam. He says you can’t come between me and Sam.

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