Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 18th August 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Neil sadly reminiscing Ragini’s words that he is selfish and ruined her life. Nivedita enters with alcohol bottle and says she cannot see him sad, so she brought alcohol to cheer him up. She says she loves him and starts badmouthing about Ragini that she is selfish and is holding him from moving ahead. She asks him to get rid of Ragini and move ahead in life. Neil says she is right and even he has right to move ahead, but what about his children’s responsibilities. she says she will take his children’s responsibilities. He says he will share everything with her from hereon. He tries to get up, but falls unconscious due to inebriation. Nivedita rests him on her shoulder and smirks.

Ragini enters Aman’s cabin and apologizes for yesterday’s incident. He says he is shifting to London permanently to stay with his family/sisters and asks her to take care of hospital as an administrative head. She says if he thinks she can take this responsibility, she will accept, but why is he leaving India. He says he cannot continue waiting for her, his sisters used to always tell him to move ahead in life, but he did not listen to them. She made him realize value of family and now he is returning back to his sisters. He says devika is there to help her and he is sure she will take care of hospital well.

Nivedita happily serves pastry to Pam in the morning and says her wish came true. Pam asks what did she wish. She says as she wished, Neil proposed her for marriage before he fell asleep. Pam gets happy. Karan hears that and thinks Nivedita knows black magic, so she succeeds in luring Neile every time. Pam says Nivedita that she is happy that Neil will be out of Ragini’s trap. Karan asks what is she talking about. Pam starts shouting that she always told Ragini is unfit for Neil and she is a classless woman who enjoys ruining everyone’s life, she did not even spare her children.

Agam, Suhani, and Arav enter Nishi’s hospital room and asks how is she. She says she is fine. Agam says Jignesh is out of danger now. Nishi says she does not want to hear about Jignesh and asks how is Arav. Arav says he is fine and hugs her. She gets emotional. Naani enters and says Jignesh is out of of danger now. Nishi say she does not care if he is alive or dead. Naani says he tried to suicide because of her misunderstanding. She says she does not care and asks her to stop talking about Jignesh and asks she would have tried to reunite even Ragini and Neil, but they did not listen to her. Naani lies that Neil and Ragini have patched up and wants to start afresh now. Nishi asks when did this happen. Naani says they spoke for sometime and thought of giving a try. She asks what about Aman. Naani says he has moved of out Ragini’s life permanently. Suhani and Agam jump in happiness. Naani calls Neil and Ragini and asks him to meet her right away.

Ragini shouts at naani how can she do it. Naani says because of her and Neil’s ego, many lives are ruined and she does not want now Nishi’s marriage at stake. Neil comes and asks her why did she call her. Ragini asks why she call him as she does not want to see his face. Neil says neither he wants to see her face. Naani says Nishi wants to give a second chance for her marriage as she thinks you both have patched up. Neil starts laughing and asks if if it is Ragini’s idea. Ragini says naani neil is insulting her. Neil says he has a flight tonight and wants to spend some time with Nishi before that. Naani says she promised Nishi that you both want to stay together now.

Ragini shouts why did she lie to Nishi. Neil says doc told even a bit of trauma will harm Nishi. Naani says this was the only way to save Nishi’s marriage. Neil says he hates Ragini so much and cannot bear her face. Ragini also shouts same. Neil asks how will Nishi face this lie. Naani asks him to prove it true then. Neil asks Ragini what did her mom do. Ragini shouts. Neil says because of Ragini, Nishi in is hospital and her marriage is at stake. Ragini asks what responsibilities he fulfilled as a father. Naani asks them to stop fight as they cannot separate themselves as parents. She says Neil that he can go to America but should not forget that he ruined Nishi’s life. She tells Nishi that she brainwashed Nishi and is responsible for her arrogant behavior. She asks Neil to prove Nishi that he is her best father and Ragini her best bother.

Precap: Neil gets emotional sleeping Nishi on bed and says he will go and speak to doc. Nishi asks if Naani is telling truth.

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