Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhalla having breakfast. Rinki comes. Ishita asks her to join them and shows care. Rinki cries and apologizes to Raman and Ishita. She says she is very bad. He hugs her and everyone look on. Raman says who said you are bad, you are good, we got saved from this problem, if you did not tell us on time, how would we get saved from this problem. He jokes and says mum did not tell you she got you outside the door in basket. Rinki says Bhai, I m so sorry and hugs him. They all smile.

Sarika is at some locality. Sarika gets tensed seeing Abhishek and gets teary eyed. She says she got saved today, if Abhishek saw her, and he is in Delhi, don’t know how long she has to run from him. Her purse falls down. Abhishek holds her hand when she bends to pick it. She gets shocked seeing him. He says finally, I m finding you since long, lets go home and discuss. She says leave my hand. He says don’t create a scene. She pushes him and tells the men that he is following her, he held her hand. The people start scolding Abhishek. He says I m a police officer. She leaves and they hold Abhishek. He shows his ID and sends them.

He says Sarika left, Romi is marrying there, does she know this or not? Ishita talks to Raman and says she is seeing business entries, as its her business. He says I forgot you are the boss. She says I m boss at home and outside home. She asks why is he spending so much, you should buy from wholesaler, not retailer. He says don’t show you have more business sense than me. Mrs. Bhalla agrees with Ishita. Mr. Bhalla supports Raman. They start arguing. She says women can do anything, and he asks them to work than troubling Raman. Ishita says fine, its your business, I mean out business. Mrs. Bhalla says we don’t have time for them. Ishita says let them have loss. Raman and Mr. Bhalla talk that the ladies are saying right. Raman says I know, but I can’t tell them. He says tea has less sugar. Ishita says say without drinking, and asks Mrs. Bhalla what type of son did she gave birth to. Mrs. Bhalla says she gave birth right, he turned like this now. They laugh.

Sarika recalls Abhishek and cries, saying she will leave this city, but not go with Abhishek. Her phone rings and she gets scared. Romi comes to her and asks her to open the door. She opens the door. He says he was calling her. She says she did not see it, she was tired. He asks is everything fine. She says yes. He says he came to take her, they have to go in Shitija’s naming ceremony, I want my wife to look most beautifully, its our first function officially. She smiles and says she will get ready.

Ishita asks Raman what to wear. He asks her to wear anything and not irritate him while he is working. Everyone meet in the naming ceremony and see the baby. Pammi comes and hugs Amma. She says Vandu the girl is pretty and gifts her. She talks to Mrs. Bhalla and asks about good news of Romi and Sarika’s marriage. The ladies talk about them. Mrs. Bhalla hears them talking and gets angry. Pammi says relax, we can’t stop them, you have to do something. Ishita says she is ready. Raman asks like this. She says yes, you said no one will care. He asks her to think what will people think. He says I did a mistake, get ready.

Raman and Ishita come dressed well. Ishita thanks them. Raman says thank me for insisting you to change. Ishita says I wanted to make you say sorry. He asks her to open acting school, she does good drama. The naming ceremony is done. Everyone clap. Raman says Bala proved that he is wife’s puppet. Vandu asks Bala not to change and asks Raman to shut up and not ignite fire between them. They all smile and do the cradle ceremony. Bala’s mum says Shitija is beautiful. They all laugh on Shravan’s words.

The lady asks Ishita is there any good news, she is glowing. Ishita says no. Bala’s mum says I have seen you at Dr. Mukherjee’s fertility clinic, did doctor say anything, tell us, whats there to hide. Amma asks Ishita to go and give Prasad. Ishita thanks her and leaves. Amma says if Ishita gets pregnant, she will not tell anyone till 3 months, why are you troubling her with questions. Mrs. Bhalla looks on and scolds Bala’s mum. She says she will give her good news when its there. Amma cries and says Ishita got first chance, and requests Bala’s mum not to trouble her, pray for her. Mrs. Bhalla says come with me, I have some work.

Ishita asks Mihika is she waiting for someone else. Mihika says I invited my friend and wondering where is he. Ishita asks who. Mr. Bhalla announces that Mrs. Bhalla and he has decided that they will keep Romi and Sarika’s marriage next week. Mrs. Bhalla says we will tell you when and where to come. They all hug Romi and Sarika. Abhishek comes. Mihika asks where was he, he came late. Sarika gets tensed seeing him. He turns and sees Sarika.

Abhishek holds Sarika’s hand and asks her to come. She says leave me, I don’t have to come. He says I need to talk to you, come. He takes her. Romi sees them and says where is he taking Sarika. Manoj asks Shagun to remove his tshirt and asks her to check its label.

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