Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi touching Pragya to confirm her presence and hugs her. Allah Wariya plays………….He gets teary eyes and says I am so happy to see you. I can’t believe that you have returned. He says he was saying himself that she will return. Pragya doesn’t react. Tanu tells Aaliya that she told her that Pragya came. He asks you just wrote a letter, and didn’t tell anything before leaving. He asks Dadi to ask Pragya, where did she go? Pragya tries to go. Dadi hugs her. Pragya acts as not interested. Dasi compliments Pragya on her looks. Dadi tells Pragya that Abhi has stopped living like before, and had gone mad without her. She says now he is looking happy and I am also happy. Tanu thinks everyone is meeting her as if bahu of the house have come. Abhi says I am happy so I will forgive you, no complaints.

Dadi says everything will be fine. Tanu says hi and asks how are you? She says I thought I am imagining you. Everyone is happy meeting you. She thanks her, and tells today is mehendi, then sangeet and marriage. Pragya hears her. Tanu says today you are our special guest. Come, I will apply mehendi on your hands. Pragya asks her to stop nonsense. She says I didn’t come here to get mehendi on my hands on your stupid function. Tanu asks why did you come then. Pragya says I came here to see. Aaliya asks what you want to see? Pragya turns towards her and says you….Tanu, Mitali…..and everyone. She says I want to know how you people are staying without me. She says you all are happy without me. You have made good arrangements in the function and wasted lots of money. Aaliya asks why you are saying this, Bhai will use his money the way he likes. She asks why did you come?

Pragya says I came here because some people are celebrating their life with my money. Aaliya asks have you lost it? She says everything is of Bhai and he can spend it, the way he likes. Pragya stops her and says what did you say? She says it was of Abhi, and not anymore. Aaliya asks have you gone mad? Pragya says she is Pragya Arora, who is the owner of this house. She asks everyone to talk to her wisely, and says if she gets angry she will throw everyone out. Aaliya asks her to be in her limits. She says I will kick her out. Tanu also asks Dadi to stop her. Abhi speaks up and asks Aaliya to stop it. He says he wants to talk to Pragya alone.

He takes Pragya to a side. He says I know why you are doing this? I missed you very much. He says I like you new avatar, and compliments her beauty. He says I want to stare you like this. He says I don’t want to marry Tanu, and you don’t want me to marry her. We will find a solution. Don’t act to be bad infront of everyone. He asks her to come, and tell that she is joking. Pragya says she is noyt interested in his house and marriage. She says I came here for my money which you are wasting like a water. She asks him to talk about her money only. Abhi thinks what happened to her.

Purab is driving the car and tries to cheer up Sarla and Beeji. He asks about Beeji’s favorite song. Beeji tells Baby Dhol…….Sarla says we sing this song on Pragya’s reception and gets emotiona. Beeji cheers her up.

Aaliya tells Dadi that Pragya is doing drama to stop Tanu and Abhi’s marriage. She asks Pragya to attend the function silently or leave this house silently. Pragya says you are warning me. She warns her to talk only after thinking. She says speak when you are spoken. She says I shall show papers to you as you take care of his office. Aaliya reads the papers. Pragya asks her to read the clauses carefully as she don’t want to repeat it. Tanu asks what is written in the papers. Aaliya says it is written that this house, property, bank balance and everything belongs to Pragya Arora. Everyone looks on shocked.

Abhi asks what rubbish? How can it be possible. Aaliya says these papers are fake and asks her to end this drama. She asks Abhi to say that he didn’t sign. Abhi looks on. Aaliya asks her to take the papers and leave. Pragya asks why you are getting angry, as you will not get anything? Aaliya gets tensed and tells everything is of Abhi. Pragya says she has all answers. She says this house can’t be hers without Abhi’s signatures and says this is mine as Abhi signed on these papers. Abhi refuses to sign on it. Pragya tells that she took his signatures when she was leaving the house. She says now you might have remember. Abhi looks on surprisingly.

Pragya tells Abhi that his name Rockstar Abhi is under her name now, along with his property and everything. Abhi looks on.

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